We at Ecommerce Development have been in the business of developing and delivering top notch ecommerce web stores since 2008. The PrestaShop developers here at Ecommerce Development have the skills and expertise you need to build a PrestaShop web store that is intuitive, fast, responsive and reliable. We build web stores that are poised to grow and are built using proven models for success. Let our team of expert PrestaShop developers, business strategists and technology experts help you with your needs today. Whether you need strategic guidance or technical services, when it comes to online ecommerce and PrestaShop, we are the team for you.

Ecommerce Development offers a full range of ecommerce services and solutions. From design to development, marketing services, on going support and maintenance, our PrestaShop developers are qualified and experienced in the PrestaShop platform.

We design and build ecommerce stores that look great, designed with enhanced user experience in mind. Our sites are built with SEO in mind, search engine friendly websites, fast and responsive layouts, custom industry specific designs, secure and optimized for the future. Grow to new towering heights!

Working with Towering Media

Experienced Magento Developers and Consultants
Distinguish your brand from competitors and increase revenue with a professionally designed modern responsive website. Our creative team leverages talent, industry best practices and scientifically proven design standards to deliver a high-converting website.
Efficient and Quick, Secure Web Stores
We bring together performance and support to remove the complexities of running an application like PrestaShop. We protect our clients with managed firewalls, security updates, redundant raided hardware, and external backups.
Competitive Rates & Aggressive Project Quotes
Shopping quotes for a PrestaShop project? Looking for help? Make sure you talk to us! We're known for our aggressive project quotes and very competitive rates for PrestaShop developer talent.
Customer Satisfaction is the #1 Priority for Our Team
Shopping quotes for a PrestaShop project? Looking for help? Make sure you talk to us! We're known for our aggressive project quotes and very competitive rates for PrestaShop developer talent.

Why Towering Media for PrestaShop development

Full service ecommerce development agency
We can connect your PrestaShop store to other platforms, applications and systems
We offer 24x7 PrestaShop support service through our ticket system
Easy to get ahold of, contact us by phone or email for fast collaboration
Competitive rates to ensure you get your store built at the right price.



Same day response, Qualified and Experienced Developers & Designers


We here at toweringmedia are dedicated to serve your needs, whether you need on going PrestaShop support and maintenance or you need a new website built our team of PrestaShop experts, PrestaShop developers and PrestaShop technicians are here to help.

We offer a full suite of services including PrestaShop development and design, integrations with other web platforms, SEO and marketing services, migrations and updates, implementations and more.

It you are looking for PrestaShop integration or migration, from PrestaShop 1 to 2,  our Mangento experts, and PrestaShop 2 web developers, will ensure that your PrestaShop development, migration or integration goes smoothly.

Whether you are looking for PrestaShop integration or migration from another platform we are here to help with the transition.Our PrestaShop experts and web developers are here to help.

Towering Media’s PrestaShop development services include:

Strategy & Consulting - We can ensure that the site itself is optimized for high performance from an architecture and code perspective as well as from a business results standpoint. We employ best practices and proven tactics all the while considering your products or services, the brand and target customers.    

Design -  We can do it all on the front-end (business analysis, UX/UI/CX design, creative and theming) and always design with the customer in mind, including addressing mobile needs.

Development - Back-end (architecture and programming), quality assurance and project management are core at Towering Media. Years upon years of expertise and experience, not only PrestaShop but across a vast digital landscape.

Migrations & Upgrades - Whether currently on PrestaShop and looking to upgrade to the latest version or on something else and looking to migrate over to the latest version, our Certified experts can help. We’re able to (and have) migrate or upgrade even the most complex ecommerce-based sites to the latest version of PrestaShop, cost-effectively, quickly and securely.

Implementations & Integrations - Whether needing to implement the latest version of PrestaShop, integrate PrestaShop with other systems, applications, platforms or third party services, or both, Towering Media can assist. We have the skills to provide full, functional or feature implementations and likewise can connect PrestaShop to anything and everything leveraging our enterprise integrations experts, which is another core service offering at Towering Media.

Support & Maintenance - When there is an issue with a PrestaShop site, it can literally be costing money until it is resolved. We offer 24x7 support available whenever you need it, coupled with proactive maintenance so you need that support as little as possible, if ever.  

Whether you are looking to drive business, improve your PrestaShop user experience, or integrate your platform with other applications, our expert PrestaShop web developers will listen, guide, develop and deliver tailor-made digital solutions. Our PrestaShop developers offer expertise which enables them to deliver top quality PrestaShop development projects, on time and on budget.

Towering Media’s PrestaShop experts offer a full suite of PrestaShop web development services. Our expert PrestaShop web developers can deliver design, programming, strategy, migrations, upgrades, integrations, support and maintenance.

Thanks to their wealth of experience, our PrestaShop development experts can support your PrestaShop site, to ensure it is always optimized. We are fully equipped to offer a variety of managed services packages, with 24x7 PrestaShop support and maintenance.

Our PrestaShop consultants and PrestaShop web developers are also here to offer customized support packages, to ensure that your business needs are met.  

Towering Media’s expert PrestaShop developers, PrestaShop technicians, and PrestaShop support and maintenance professionals, are dedicated to giving your ecommerce site a superior payment platform. Whether you are looking to enhance your B2C site, drive up your profit margins, or make those calls to actions more effective, Towering Media’s ecommerce PrestaShop developers are ready to offer solutions, tailor made for you by our PrestaShop experts.

From simple sites to more complex integrations, our PrestaShop developers have the ability, and track record to transform your ecommerce capabilities. Towering Media’s PrestaShop developers will help build your ecommerce platform to drive greater sales through strategic innovation.


The following is list some (definitely not all) of the specific design, development and consulting related activities our PrestaShop developers can help with:

  • Implementations of PrestaShop Commerce and Open Source.

  • Custom creative and design strategy that account for branding, customers and conversions.

  • Strategic consulting to help increase conversions, grow overall revenue and revenue per customer, streamline shopping experience, employ upsell/cross-sell tactics, decrease abandoned shopping carts, retain current customers or re-engage old ones, develop multi touch campaigns, drive more online store traffic, lessen customer support inquiries and much much more.  

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) for PrestaShop Commerce & Enterprise stores.

  • Pay per click (PPC), social media and other campaign optimized landing page creation.

  • PrestaShop 1 to PrestaShop 2 upgrades.

  • Migrations from other ecommerce platforms to PrestaShop.

  • Online PrestaShop store site speed and load time optimization.

  • Integration with an array of applications, systems, platforms and third party services such as CRMs, ERPs, POS, inventory, order management systems, marketing automation, social media, advertising, warehouses, shipping, payment, etc.

  • 24x7 PrestaShop support and maintenance by a certified and professional Managed Services team with experience and expertise across a wide variety of tech.

  • Custom coding and programming for new features, enhancements and extensions built specifically for your enterprise needs.

  • Installation of PrestaShop updates, security fixes, patches and extensions.

  • Mobile PrestaShop-based stores and responsive design.

Towering Media offers both technical and strategic PrestaShop consulting services. Not only can we ensure your online store is optimized from a technology standpoint, we can also provide expert guidance on how to make it generate maximum revenue.

PrestaShop Technology Consulting

When it comes to the build of your enterprise online PrestaShop-based store our professionals will really get to understand your business, what your goals are and how best to serve your customer which ultimately allows us to help with the following aspects:

  • Development, coding and programming - Utilizing best practices and proven techniques, your online store is built to be both secure and scalable while also employing all the function you and your customers would ever need.

  • Site optimal architecture - We get to understand your business and help translate into the overall technical concept of how your store will look, feel, function and more.

  • Integration with other systems, platforms and applications -  We can advise on the best options technology-wise, given your needs, to integrate with and better still, actually do the integration work ourselves.   

  • Creative and UX/UI design options - Our creative is as grounded in aesthetics and your brand as much as it is customer experience and sales revenue, ensuring both a pleasing and performance-based digital experience

  • Migrations and upgrades - Whether moving over from another platform or up to the latest version, there is optimal way to make it happen that can ensure both speed and security while not sacrificing performance nor customer experience and that is exactly where we can help.  

  • Quality assurance testing - Our QA specialists test and test again, every aspect of your PrestaShop site to make sure when it goes live, it’s going to work, and work well, because loss of function or absence of feature can literally cost money.   

  • Enterprise support and maintenance - We can help select (and deliver) the level of coverage you need given the size of your operation coupled with your level of risk tolerance, thus providing an optimal solution to help proactively maintain and reactively support, in case the need arises, your ecommerce presence.

  • Supporting and ancillary technology decisions - As much as we would like PrestaShop to do everything, as your operations and needs grow, so do the additional technology considerations to preserve that growth and evolving and positive experience for customers. Through its people and partners, Towering Media possesses intimate knowledge across a wide range of technologies, applications, platforms, frameworks and systems and can help provide the guidance your online store and its continued growth need.

PrestaShop eCommerce Strategy Consulting

It is one thing to build a great and technically high performing online store using PrestaShop, but ensuring that store is really performing from a financial perspective can be a whole other, and extremely important, concern. When it comes to this aspect of your stores performance, our PrestaShop consulting and strategy services excel at providing guidance in such crucial areas as:

  • Customer experience and creative strategy

    • Site and page layout for optimal results

    • Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

    • Streamline the checkout process

    • Personalization and browser tailoring

    • Incentives (shipping, discounts, specials urgency, etc.)  

    • Unique content, stunning images and professional graphics

  • Warehouse management, shipping solutions and payment options integration

  • Measuring and improving ecommerce sales performance KPIs such as:

    • Sales (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual)

    • Conversion rate

    • Customer retention rate

    • Average order value

    • Average margin

    • Cart abandonment rate

    • Refund and return rate

    • Product (or service) affinity (purchased together)

    • Product (or service) relationship (viewed consecutively)

    • Inventory levels

    • Competitive pricing

  • Extending reach to new markets and countries (internationalization and global expansion)

  • Multi touch digital management  and channel integration (online store, advertising, email, social media, chat, mobile, affiliate, etc.)

  • Marketing (site traffic, time one site, pages per visit, pay per click, search engine optimization, micro targeting, social media etc.) and customer service (email, phone call, chat, resolution time, concern classification, etc) considerations.

PrestaShop is a leading open source ecommerce platform first released in 2008, with the next generation, PrestaShop 2.0 rolled out in late 2015. PrestaShop is designed to enhance ecommerce platforms, and streamline the overall user experience. Boasting a wide range of ecommerce capabilities, PrestaShop can be used to create smoother navigation, augmented conversion rates, and an overall rise in both revenue generation and user productivity.

Offering Open Source and Commerce editions, as well as an Enterprise Cloud Edition (ECE), and PrestaShop 2, PrestaShop is both versatile and scalable, making it a cost effective, and highly desirable ecommerce platform option. Towering Media offers PrestaShop maintenance and support, to ensure that your site always runs at a premium level, ensuring reliability for users and site administrators.

Towering Media's 24x7 support ticketing system allows us to process your ticket requests in a timely and efficient manner. Our team is here to provide you with the full service support you need for your online business allowing you to handle technical issues with ease.

24/7/365 PrestaShop Support - Our global Managed Services team is staffed around the clock with some best technology and PrestaShop experts on the planet. Providing support via the osCaddie portal, our customer success team can deliver remote deskside support utilizing award winning remote tools that allow staff to share screens with clients in order to rapidly diagnose and resolve emergent issues.

Benefits and features include:

  • A Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for operational support and maintenance of complex multi-vendor environments.

  • 24/7/365 access to the osCaddie customer portal where customers can access the service desk to raise support tickets and feature requests.

  • 24/7/365 access to the emergency support line staffed by a dedicated support team for rapid issue response and resolution.

  • Issues raised via the portal are triaged and assigned to the correct stakeholder and tracked.

  • In addition to our PrestaShop partnership, we are also able to leverage our strong business partnerships with other major open technology vendors such as Acquia (Preferred Partner), MuleSoft (Premium), Alfresco (Platinum), Google, Atlassian, Janrain and more.

  • Support and maintenance for PrestaShop 1 and PrestaShop 2

  • Best practices, as well as the latest innovations, are researched and deployed to meet client support and maintenance needs.

Disaster Recovery - Towering Media can provide disaster recovery services inclusive of providing emergency hosting and support in the event that current service providers are unable to meet their obligations. Depending on the specific customer needs, we can commit to having a fully functional service restored with an alternate provider in as little as 30 minutes.

Environment Backup & Restore - Towering Media offers an automated cloud-based backup and restore process to ensure the environments we support are backed up offsite providing complete peace of mind and allowing us to engage our multi-cloud disaster recovery process should it be required.

Maintenance of Environments -

  • Security Patching - Our Towering Media maintenance team ensures that all systems under management are patched, secured and aligned with current industry best practices for maintaining large scale production systems.

  • Vulnerability Scanning - We provide a regular scanning service using best-of-breed tools to identify and isolate possible security vulnerabilities in subscription services.

  • Application Development Support Business - Drawing from the same resource pool as Towering Media Professional Services, Managed Services is able to provide development services for clients. This may be in the form of bug fixes or, in some cases, a method for assisting clients in the implementation of a continuous improvement/continuous delivery solutions.

  • Static Source Code Analysis - Towering Media can provide both automated and manual source code analysis to ensure that code is checked for errors (such as CRSF or SQL injection) before it enters a production environment, minimizing the risk of both downtime and possible exposure to potential compromise.

  • Code Review Analysis - Towering Media can act as a trusted third party to provide code audits and review. Drawing from our global pool of experts, many of whom are heavily involved in contributing to the products themselves, we are able to offer a world-leading review process.

Architecture Review & Capacity Planning - Ensuring all environments are kept inline with current best practices, this essential section of a Managed Services contract gives us the opportunity to continue the architectural discussion about the solutions and how it fits with the rapidly evolving business environment, both internal and external.

Service Management Review - Towering Media assigns a dedicated Managed Services Subscription Manager (SM) to act as the overall point of contact for each client's MS account and related contracts. The SM is a resource focused entirely on client overall satisfaction and serves as an escalation point for issues and requests. In addition, the SM takes on the role of coordinating monthly meetings with clients to help oversee the smooth running of their MS account and contracts.