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Towering Media offers a full range of ecommerce services and solutions. From design to development, marketing services, on going support and maintenance, our Magento developers are qualified and experienced in the Magento platform.

We at Towering Media have been in the business of developing and delivering top notch ecommerce web stores since 2008. Wehave the skills and expertise you need to build a magento web store that is intuitive, fast, responsive and reliable. We build web stores that are poised to grow and are built using proven models for success. Let our team of expert magento developer, business strategists and technology experts help you with your needs today. Whether you need strategic guidance or technical services, when it comes to online ecommerce and Magento, we are the team for you.


Same day response, Qualified and Experienced Developers & Designers

What makes us stand out from other Magento developers?
Experienced and Qualified. We have worked on almost every e-commerce platform available supporting business owners with our 35+ years of combined web development experience.

Bug Free Code. We develop only using the most valid processes ensuring your site is compatable on all devices of any size and all modern browsers. Small projects are okay. We work with companies large and small from small mom and pop stores to large global corporations. If you are looking for a Magento developer but only need a few hours of our time or are looking for a website build or redesign– no worries. Give us a ring or send us an email and we will be glad to assist.

Stable Consultants. We are a real company with real people in a stable office located in the beautiful Midwest in Chicago, IL helping business owners grow and thrive in a global competitive market. We are and will always be here to help with a client base located continent wide. We are confident that you will enjoy working with us, see what our clients have to say about us on the right.

We can help you customize your Magento store, setup Magento plugins and applications.
Whether you just need an hour of help or you are looking for a shopping cart platform that will support your businesses growing needs we are here to help!

Magento Website Design
Stand out from your competitors with a professionaly designed website with Towering Media. Our creative team is talented and skilled in creating a tailered website four you, your customers and your specific industry. With our design process we ensure that your Magento website is designed with only the most current understanding of user experience models and crafted with scientifically proven study results to ensure the highest converting design. Learn more about our website design process.

Magento Development
Our qualified Magento developers are here to help. Magento is our primary platform focus, Towering Media has been working with the Magento platform since its release in 2008 and have a majority of our clients on this current platform. Towering Media prides ourselves in creating quality Magento websites and extensions.

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Towering Media certified Magento developers specialize in building and maintaining customized B2B and B2C Magento eCommerce websites.

Magento Development Services

Towering Media is an experienced Magento development agency that specializes in Magento development, eCommerce shopping carts, and in-house support and maintenance. Our team priority is to create websites that add value to your customers, especially for B2B and B2C clients who desire a decent platform to stay ahead of the competition and solve their business challenges that are caused by evolving customer demands.
Our clients trust us to handle complex projects and demands and even fix impaired projects mismanaged by unskilled Magento developers.
We consider ourselves a leader in Magento B2B due to our wide-ranging capabilities and highly-specialized expertise.

Magento 2 Development

We understand the complexity of Magento 2 and our team of expert Magento developers are experienced enough to upgrade your platform, migrate your platform to B2B, and add new features. By solving your backend issues, we ensure you do not have to worry about the technical areas of your business.

Magento B2B

We focus on providing top quality development, design, integration, and replatforming services that include consultation services on all areas of eCommerce strategy for our Magento clients. Our team will provide an extensive list of our capabilities during the consultation.

Magento Conversion Optimization

Hire our strategy team to perform a deep dive into your current site to analyze and identify areas that require optimizations to increase sales. Also, our developers will use this report to engineer your platform to perfection.

Magento Integrations

The eCommerce landscape is always evolving, and your business is continually growing. Your business operation can still be improved to increase productivity and sales.

Magento Migrations

Migrate from Magento to Magento 2, and add more appeal and higher efficiency toy our site. If you are considering migrating from legacy platforms to Magento, our team is capable of creating a high-converting eCommerce site to suit your needs.


eCommerce is a booming business, now more than ever. Your website is the soul of your eCommerce business, hence the need for a certified Magento agency with vast industry experience that can provide a full range of services to boost your business growth and guarantee sales and conversions.


Our developers provide your business with quality management tools to assist clients in running their Magento site.

Magento is arguably the most complex CMS eCommerce platform to operate. Our specialist offer training services to help our customers understand and manage their website better.

Our expansive experience in creating and implementing plugins and themes for Magento means we are the best at securing the integrity of your website.

We optimize our Magento sites by compressing files to get the lowest possible load times. This translates to a reduced bounce rate, meaning your customers will stay longer on your site.


Partner with A Certified Magento eCommerce Partner
Now is the time to partner with one of the most skilled groups of Magento development professionals in the industry. We have worked on practically every scenario that could affect an eCommerce platform. Our dedication to eCommerce and the enthusiasm to be a contributing member of your team helps us to satisfy our clients.
We are a top Magento partner, with the highest level of certifications across all teams. Mainly, we focus on working with marketing agencies, enterprises and partners to increase conversions, improve customer engagement, and solve different eCommerce challenges.


Towering Media Are Experts In:

  • Magento B2B eCommerce
  • End-to-End Magento Tech
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Magento eCommerce Strategy
  • Custom Feature Development
  • Magento Integrations
  • Magento UI/UX
  • Magento Theme Development
  • Magento Commerce Cloud
  • Magento 2 Development
  • Magento 1 Development

Our eCommerce Services Include:

  • eCommerce strategy
  • Visual and UX design
  • Customer acquisition strategies
  • Security and PCI compliance
  • Managed solutions
  • Magento Development
  • Code review and audits
  • Architecture
  • Platform migration
  • Search engine optimization
  • ERP integrations
  • Digital marketing
  • Maintenance

Towering Media is an experienced group of eCommerce professionals specializing in Magento. We are committed to providing top-notch strategies and tools required to create a functioning online store, boost sales, solve business challenges, and improve the overall efficiency of the site.

For additional information, contact our support team at 773-466-2454

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