We at Towering Media are the best Magento Consultants have been in the business of Magento Consulting developing and delivering top notch ecommerce web stores since 2008. The Magento Consultants here at Towering Media have the skills and expertise you need to build a magento web store that is intuitive, fast, responsive and reliable. We build web stores that are poised to grow and are built using proven models for success. Let our team of expert magento developers, business strategists and technology experts help you with your needs today. Whether you need strategic guidance or technical services, when it comes to online ecommerce and Magento, we are the team for you.

Towering Media offers a full range of Magento Consulting by Magento Consultants for ecommerce services and solutions. From design to development, marketing services, on going support and maintenance, our Magento Consultants are qualified and experienced in the Magento platform.

We design and build ecommerce stores that look great, designed with enhanced user experience in mind. Our sites are built with SEO in mind, search engine friendly websites, fast and responsive layouts, custom industry specific designs, secure and optimized for the future. Grow to new towering heights!

Working with Towering Media

Experienced Magento Developers and Consultants
Distinguish your brand from competitors and increase revenue with a professionally designed modern responsive website. Our creative team leverages talent, industry best practices and scientifically proven design standards to deliver a high-converting website.
Efficient and Quick, Secure Web Stores
We bring together performance and support to remove the complexities of running an application like Magento. We protect our clients with managed firewalls, security updates, redundant raided hardware, and external backups.
Competitive Rates & Aggressive Project Quotes
Shopping quotes for a Magento project? Looking for help? Make sure you talk to us! We're known for our aggressive project quotes and very competitive rates for Magento developer talent.
Customer Satisfaction is the #1 Priority for Our Team
Shopping quotes for a Magento project? Looking for help? Make sure you talk to us! We're known for our aggressive project quotes and very competitive rates for Magento developer talent.

Why Towering Media for Magento Consulting

Full service eCommerce development agency
We can connect your Magento store to other platforms, applications and systems
We offer 24x7 Magento support service through our ticket system
Easy to get ahold of, contact us by phone or email for fast collaboration
Competitive rates to ensure you get your store built at the right price.



Same day response, Qualified and Experienced Developers & Designers

What makes us stand out from other Magento developers?
Experienced and Qualified. We have worked on almost every e-commerce platform available supporting business owners with our 35+ years of combined web development experience.

Bug Free Code. We develop only using the most valid processes ensuring your site is compatable on all devices of any size and all modern browsers. Small projects are okay. We work with companies large and small from small mom and pop stores to large global corporations. If you are looking for a Magento developer but only need a few hours of our time or are looking for a website build or redesign– no worries. Give us a ring or send us an email and we will be glad to assist. 

Stable Consultants. We are a real company with real people in a stable office located in the beautiful Midwest in Chicago, IL helping business owners grow and thrive in a global competitive market. We are and will always be here to help with a client base located continent wide. We are confident that you will enjoy working with us, see what our clients have to say about us on the right.

We can help you customize your Magento store, setup Magento plugins and applications.
Whether you just need an hour of help or you are looking for a shopping cart platform that will support your businesses growing needs we are here to help!

Magento Website Design
Stand out from your competitors with a professionaly designed website with Towering Media. Our creative team is talented and skilled in creating a tailered website four you, your customers and your specific industry. With our design process we ensure that your Magento website is designed with only the most current understanding of user experience models and crafted with scientifically proven study results to ensure the highest converting design. Learn more about our website design process.

Magento Development
Our qualified Magento developers are here to help. Magento is our primary platform focus, Towering Media has been working with the Magento platform since its release in 2008 and have a majority of our clients on this current platform. Towering Media prides ourselves in creating quality Magento websites and extensions.

Call us today for a free consultation (800) 297-2458

Why Partner With Towering Media?

Any enterprising business understands the importance of getting the best in the business to handle their Magento services. Advice is a shortcut to success, and that is exactly what we bring to the table at Towering Media. The most successful eCommerce businesses incorporate the best eCommerce practices, identify the target audience, understand the competition, and integrate the best technology into their architecture.

At Towering Media, we offer comprehensive eCommerce optimization and Magento consulting tailored to cover strategic and technical aspects of your site’s performance. Our team provides advice on the best build to execute to satisfy your business and technological needs to guarantee reliability, high performance, and scalability for future growth.

Also, our world-class consultants go behind the scenes to improve your strategy for optimum site performance. We provide specific options for you to increase sales, triple your conversion rates, accelerate the checkout process, double customer retention, and drastically reduce the percentage of abandoned carts for your store.

By utilizing patented analytics, our Magento strategy team will boost your digital ecosystem and improve every aspect of customer touchpoints.



Stand out from your competition. It's easier than you think. Consulting with us means you get a streamlined assessment of your brand, your target audience, your competition, and the most efficient way to sell your brand. We help you key into word-of-mouth conversations, and guarantee unrivaled brand positioning. We make your brand recognizable by analyzing your best attributes and selling them to a receptive audience to foster a sense of personal attachment to your brand.


What is our foremost desire? To make your store the perfect site for shopping. How do we do this? We cultivate this process with a user-friendly interface, easy navigation, and content that grabs the customer’s attention. Nothing makes us happier than boosting your ROI and conversion rates. We identify aspects of your site that are not up to scratch, fine-tune them and provide you with an analysis of what needs to be changed and where.


The first step to a successful analysis is the performance audit. Our Magento professionals assess your database performance and inspect the server environment. This process helps us to identify errors in your code, and understand why your site has challenges. We then provide a comprehensive report that details how to improve your situation in minimal time.

How Do Magento Consulting Services Help My Business?

Improved Site Performance

Speed is a vital component of any eCommerce store. Your customers prioritize ease of use and quick navigation on your platform. Consulting services identify errors impeding the smooth running of our system and provide options on how to eliminate these issues without interrupting system workflow.

Impeccable eCommerce Experience

Presenting your goods in the digital ecosystem can be likened to art. You either hack it, or you don't. Consultation service eliminates the margin for error and guarantees the technological expertise and tools required to help business owners like you to make sales.

Conversions and Sales

Your customers need that extra incentive to visit your site instead of your competition and eCommerce business is all about those conversions. Consulting services teach you how to implement proven practices to gain the edge in your niche strategically.