We at Towering Media have been in the business of developing and delivering top notch Magento 2 Development for ecommerce web stores since 2008. The Magento 2 Development which we deliver is the same which you need to build a magento web store that is intuitive, fast, responsive and reliable. We build web stores that are poised to grow and are built using proven models for success. Let our team of expert magento developers, business strategists and technology experts help you with your needs today. Whether you need strategic guidance or technical services, when it comes to online ecommerce and Magento, we are the team for you.

Towering Media offers a full range of Magento 2 Development ecommerce services and solutions. From design to development, marketing services, on going support and maintenance, our Magento developers are qualified and experienced in the Magento platform.

We design and build ecommerce stores by using Magento 2 Development that look great, designed with enhanced user experience in mind. Our sites are built with SEO in mind, search engine friendly websites, fast and responsive layouts, custom industry specific designs, secure and optimized for the future. Grow to new towering heights!

Working with Towering Media

Experienced Magento Developers and Consultants
Distinguish your brand from competitors and increase revenue with a professionally designed modern responsive website. Our creative team leverages talent, industry best practices and scientifically proven design standards to deliver a high-converting website.
Efficient and Quick, Secure Web Stores
We bring together performance and support to remove the complexities of running an application like Magento. We protect our clients with managed firewalls, security updates, redundant raided hardware, and external backups.
Competitive Rates & Aggressive Project Quotes
Shopping quotes for a Magento project? Looking for help? Make sure you talk to us! We're known for our aggressive project quotes and very competitive rates for Magento developer talent.
Customer Satisfaction is the #1 Priority for Our Team
Shopping quotes for a Magento project? Looking for help? Make sure you talk to us! We're known for our aggressive project quotes and very competitive rates for Magento developer talent.

Why Towering Media for Magento 2 Development

Full service eCommerce development agency
We can connect your Magento store to other platforms, applications and systems
We offer 24x7 Magento support service through our ticket system
Easy to get ahold of, contact us by phone or email for fast collaboration
Competitive rates to ensure you get your store built at the right price.



Same day response, Qualified and Experienced Developers & Designers

We here at toweringmedia are dedicated to serve your needs, whether you need on going magento support and maintenance or you need a new website built our team of magento experts, magento developers and magento technitians are here to help.

We offer a full suite of services including magento development and design, integrations with other web platforms, SEO and marketing services, migrations and updates, implementations and more.

It you are looking for Magento integration or migration, from Magento 1 to 2,  our Mangento experts, and Magento 2 web developers, will ensure that your Magento development, migration or integration goes smoothly.

Whether you are looking for magento integration or migration from another platform we are here to help with the transition.Our magento experts and web developers are here to help.

Towering Media’s Magento development services include:

Strategy & Consulting - We can ensure that the site itself is optimized for high performance from an architecture and code perspective as well as from a business results standpoint. We employ best practices and proven tactics all the while considering your products or services, the brand and target customers.    

Design -  We can do it all on the front-end (business analysis, UX/UI/CX design, creative and theming) and always design with the customer in mind, including addressing mobile needs.

Development - Back-end (architecture and programming), quality assurance and project management are core at Towering Media. Years upon years of expertise and experience, not only Magento but across a vast digital landscape.

Migrations & Upgrades - Whether currently on Magento and looking to upgrade to the latest version or on something else and looking to migrate over to the latest version, our Certified experts can help. We’re able to (and have) migrate or upgrade even the most complex ecommerce-based sites to the latest version of Magento, cost-effectively, quickly and securely.

Implementations & Integrations - Whether needing to implement the latest version of Magento, integrate Magento with other systems, applications, platforms or third party services, or both, Towering Media can assist. We have the skills to provide full, functional or feature implementations and likewise can connect Magento to anything and everything leveraging our enterprise integrations experts, which is another core service offering at Towering Media.

Support & Maintenance - When there is an issue with a Magento site, it can literally be costing money until it is resolved. We offer 24x7 support available whenever you need it, coupled with proactive maintenance so you need that support as little as possible, if ever.  

Move To The Next Level With Magento 2 Development Services

Turn your ideas into reality and improve your business scalability with Towering Media. Here, we consider our team frontrunners in terms of technological changes and with the recent explosion of Magento 2, who best to take care of your Magento migration than an experienced company that has worked on hundreds of sites since 2008?
Whether you have an existing business structure or are just getting into the world of Magento, Towering Media has got you covered.
Magento 2 is the new trend for most online retailers regardless of the enterprise size and is tailored to enhance extensibility, scalability, and improved speed. The tool offers flexibility to merchants and developers to create an engaging shopping experience for your customers.

At Towering Media, we focus on:

Magento 2 Migrations

Towering Media is a certified Magento 2 development company that specializes in helping businesses migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2. We efficiently transfer data without compromising your store’s standard requirements and our team ensures that functional themes, SEO value, design, order data, store configurations, and plugins are transferred with zero downtime.

Magento 2 Module Development

Our team at Towering Media possesses the skills needed to build customized extensions and plugins for any Magento 2 platform. Our certified Magento developers ensure seamless integration between third-party apps and modules to create specific business features. This includes a customized installation of templates, blocks, and layouts.

End-to-End Integrations

Towering Media also incorporates custom services with Magento 2 development including integrations courtesy of SOAP web API and Magento’s REST frameworks. We use Magento integrations to automate business processes by connecting your ERP and CRM systems for flawless customer tracking and inventory management that adds essential functions to your platform.

Magento 2 Theme Development

Our theme development services are comprised of personalized layouts complete with data set up, admin options, and a package of features that will integrate seamlessly with third-party applications.

Magento 2 Upgrades

In addition to Magento 2 migration, we also extend the functionality of your platform with built-in custom components and architecture. Our upgrade services include faster backend GUI, quick checkout process, and a detailed migration process that provides you with a flexible e-commerce platform.


  • Better performance and scalability
  • Improved backend Magento process
  • Advanced payment gateway
  • Custom themes
  • Quicker checkout process
  • Greater compatibility
  • Enhanced security
  • Higher flexibility


With more than eleven years in the Magento industry, Towering Media assures you of:

  • Expertise in Magento
  • Constant update, feedback, and communication
  • Data security and confidentiality
  • Knowledge about related frameworks
  • Experience in eCommerce development

We are capable of converting an existing store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and creating a brand new online store from scratch if needed. Our highly skilled Magento developers are adept at achieving clients’ requirements within minimal time.

Towering Media Is The Number One Magento Development Company To Partner With!