Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing in today's market place is so important for the success of business. Online shopping has increased sharply over the past 6 years since the turn of the decade. In 2009 around 29% of holiday season sales were done by consumers online and not in a physical store. By 2015 online holiday sales reached an astounding 56% and is expected to continue to grow.

Towering Media is here to help your business grow and are trained and experienced with all major online forms of marketing. We help your business develop the online marketing plans and goals that you need for your online business success. We offer specialized online marketing support for anything from Google Ad-Words, Microsoft advertising, Facebook advertising and more. We work with you to deliver results and help to further build your customer base.



Towering Media is specialized and experienced in setting up and managing highly successful Google Adwords Marketing Campaigns. Our skilled Google marketing professionals build a curated keyword list based on extensive keyword research, analysis and optimization. With our experience at Towering Media we can get your website in front a a large audience of potential customers searching for your services or product.


Search engine optimization is an important part of the strategy for online success. Your online marketing campaigns work at the highest efficiency when the on-site SEO is in proper order. SEO does not only involve optimizing on-site keywords but also involves a number of other factors that advertising venues like Google take in to account in their algorithms for organic searches as well as for marketing campaigns. We can analyze your website and give you the information you need to know and consult with you on what on-site SEO adjustments need to be done as well as work with you on building a budget for off-site SEO. Site optimization works and helps to improve your presence online and reduce advertising costs.



How well do you know your online target audience? Let our team at Towering Media help you build a marketing campaign that is tailored for your business. We offer 1 hour of free consulting services to help you determine with your online marketing needs are.


E-Mail marketing works! Keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis with E-Mail marketing. We help you setup E-Mail marketing systems on your website from newsletter sign up boxes, popup sign ups, and setting up newsletter E-Mail campaigns.