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What Qualities to look for in a Magento Developer you want to Hire?

Because of the endless benefits that Magento offers, a lot of business owners and store owners prefer Magento over other ecommerce platforms. It is user-friendly, stable, and highly secure. What else would a business owner want from an ecommerce platform?

When you are running a business or store, it is obvious that you wouldn’t be able to keep up with the requirements of your online store and will have to get in touch with an expert Magento developer who has been in the industry for years and can help you achieve the results you have been longing for.

So, here we are with the important qualities that make a Magento developer worth your requirements.

  • Certification
    It is an important consideration when you are looking for a developer for your web store. A certificate is no less than proof that the developer is skilled and knowledgeable. There are different Magento certifications. You must see whether your developer has done any of those or not. And it is not Magento 1 certification that you must look for but Magento 2. When you hire a certified Magento expert, you can be sure that he is experienced in front-end, back-end, extensions, themes, etc. and can develop customer-oriented websites.
  • Bugs Fixing
    A Magento developer’s job is not just to deliver a client with an ecommerce website but to fix bugs also and that too without asking you for extra money. If a developer has developed your website, it is his responsibility to deliver a satisfactory product. If he doesn’t, he is answerable. You can check the website at your own end and if you find some bugs, you can let the developer know and ask him to fix them. Before hiring a developer, clear this and if he says that you will be charged extra, there is no dearth of options. Make sure that you keep proof with you that your website was working fine before you handed it over to the developer.
  • Multiple Ecommerce Integrations Skills
    When you are looking for a Magento expert make sure that you check whether he has experience in multiple ecommerce integrations with different platforms or not. It is important because it helps in automating the whole workflow and conquers the redundancy of data and processes. This can save a lot of your time and can also help in focusing on other things like ad-supported services which are yet to be developed. The more knowledgeable your developer is, the better will your experience be of working with him.
  • Magento’s Best Practices
    No matter what, your website has to be upgrade proof. This clearly means that the website you are developing today must be able to work with the future releases of Magento; be it the theme of your website, customization, or extensions. This is really important to keep your Magento store up to date so that no update turns into a nightmare that you were not prepared for. You must always ask the developer about the best practices that he uses like editing core files, editing default theme files, and whether or not, he performs benchmarks before making any changes to the website.

Towering Media understands how precious your Magento store is for you. This is the reason why we let you work with an expert Magento developer who understands your requirements well and will help you achieve great results through your web store.

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