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Find a Magento Expert to Grow Your E-Commerce Online Business

Towering Media is a leading firm for professional Magento service provider. We are well-renowned agency in the industry that provides a wide range of Magento services to their clients. Our Magento Expert team is highly skilled and talented in their skills. They have gained a lot of experience and learning from their years of working experience. We are specialized in various Magento services that are offered to our clients.

We provide reliable and unique e-commerce website solutions to our clients. Our experts are very proficient in their work and keep on experimenting with their innovative ideas and technique to bring out something unique in every project. This versatile style of working is the main reason we attract clients easily.

We have been in this industry since 2008. With each passing year, we have cherished the success of our growth. This successful journey belongs to our hard-working and innovative Magento Experts whose only motive is to provide profitable business solutions to their clients. We are recognized as a well renowned and a leading Digital Agency that provides the best and high quality of e-commerce business solutions. Whether it is about planning, designing, development, or deployment we provide all the services according to client requirements at affordable prices.

We serve services according to our client requirements. If you want your project from scratch we can assist you in that. If you want customized integration we are available for that also. Our strategists keep our clients in coordination at every step of the project i.e. From Planning, designing, development, testing, and deployment to maintenance. It helps them to know what services and implementation are being done on their project. Moreover, it helps them to trust easily and builds a strong client- business relationship.

Have a plan to grow your business? Discuss it with us. We can bring and fulfill your dreams into reality. Our experts put all their efforts, knowledge, and abundance of experience to make a project a huge success. We value our clients and put them on the highest priority. Understanding their vision and implementing it into reality is what matters to us.

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Boost your business with Towering Media Magento Development

In the era of the Digital World, we at, Towering Media serves the best and high quality of Magento development services. Our Magento Developer strategists own an abundance of experience and skills. Our team works in a very systematic and timely manner. They listen to the client’s requirements and vision care and put all their efforts, learning, skills to bring out the best business-oriented results. We ensure our clients to provide the best quality services within their budget.

We are trustworthy and a leading brand in the industry that provides the best Magento Development Services to their valuable clients. We are specialized in serving numerous Magento development services that are listed as below

Magento B2B Development Service

Our strategists use advanced management tools and technologies to build a high-quality B2B e-commerce platform. They integrate everything according to client requirements. that can be easily manageable. We ensure our clients to serve the best and flexible features that can be easily self-managed by their potential customers.

Magento 2 Development

Want to upgrade your website? We can help you with upgrading your website easily. Being the trustworthy Magento Development Agency we have served our services to various giant ventures. With the years of learning experience and knowledge, we also provide a unique and customized Magento 2 development solution that fits the business requirements.

Magento Integrations

Increase the productivity, sales, and ROI of your business with us. Have a continuous growth in your business through Magento Integration advanced features. Our team is specialized in integrating such features. Our experts study the overall performance of the website and integrate features where the website was lacking its performance.

Magento Extensions

Towering Media strategists are specialized in Custom Magento Extensions as well as alterations. We provide two kinds of Magento Extension services to our client’s i.e.

  • Magento x 1 Extension
  • Magento x2 Extensions

We also provide various Magento extension packages. Customers can choose any package according to their business requirements.

Get various Magento services as per your requirement under one roof at Towering Media .If you want continuous and good growth of your business online you can blindly trust us. Hire us to gulp the high quality and best Magento development services to stand out unique among your competitors. We ensure our clients to provide the best and profitable business solutions for the growth of your business.

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Magento Experts- Your Personalized eCommerce Website Developers

Built on open-source technology, Magento is all about the hype in the duration in the world of development and eCommerce. We cannot find a more flexible, content, and functionality embedded platform other than this dope place for Magento Experts. This is undoubtedly a powerful, and amazing management tool for new business as well as for the fully established venture. Top brands like Olympus, Nike, Lenovo, Ford, and Samsung use this exceptional platform for their websites. In fact, there are numerous businesses adopting it day by day. Do you wish to be part of this vast community and take your startup to the skyrocketing heights? Well, all you need is to contact a great company near to you which can develop your website over Magento. Let us tell you more about this interesting platform first. 

Magento platform must be your preference for business success

1. Awestruck Aesthetics – A website is the representation of any business that tells the tale of your organization’s caliber even before you give any presentation. Trust us, your various potential clients will judge your entity with the impression of your site. Ask a Magento Experthow great design, easy to use, and overall impressive website can impress your client in no time. No wonder you require Magento as it can give you a beautiful, flexible, and high-performance website with exceptional community support like no other platform. This is the ultimate reason why Magento gained so much fame in a few years, unlike other platforms that are still thriving for attention. 

2. Customizable – Nothing can beat the power of customization to win the trust of users and make them your loyal customer. That personalized feel is enough to keep them intrigued with your top-notch products and services. Eventually, leading to more and more conversions in favor of your company. Think of the themes that are just depicting your mission, vision, and goals! It is already so much interesting and you can get it all with Magento. How cool is that? 

We are sure you are so amazed by this fantastic platform and seeking the best Magento Experts, to begin with, your official website. Do not look here and there, just reach out for the Towering Media and give all your aspirations in their hands regarding your business site. Good look for upcoming online ventures. 

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Top Questions to Ask a Magento Expert Before Initiating Your Website

The last decade was a period of immense growth for eCommerce startups. A lot of new entrepreneurs are trying their luck online with the best possible platform. Needless to say what they have been relying on- Magento is so popular for web development in the duration. The idea was to put Magento at work to sell products online and set a stand out example. There are a lot of benefits that Magento gives business owners and take their business to touch new peaks of success. Multiple website management, third-party integration, secure payment options, Magento community support, SEO- friendly platform, and overall commendable performance are some of the specialties of Magento. To avail of all these advantages, you need a Magento expert. Well, if you are in a dilemma then please fret not as our exclusive guide will help you find a reliable professional to handle your Magento based website.

Benefits of Magento expert for your business:

  • Technical know-how is one of the main advantages of hiring a professional for Magento development. They can do coding, and design, with effective planning for the success of your business.
  • While your expert developer is doing every website-related task, you can save your time and concentrate on other vital accomplishments.
  • This website with Magento can be the best representation of your business with the choicest features, customizations, and out of the box aesthetics.
  • You can save a lot of money by getting your official business card or your website over Magento and also avail the benefit of a minimized downtime.
  • Outstanding site performance with reduced loading time and well-optimized operations impress users in no time. This is how they come back whenever they get an amazing experience during the first time.

Now, you are sure what facilitations can a Magento expert provides you. So, next, you must know what kind of developer you require- Front end Magento developer, Full-stack Magento developer, or Back end Magento developer. Select what you require and get going.

Yes, all these features and specifications are available at the Towering Media and their Magento expertsAll you need is to reach out to them via their official website or directly to any of their executives and begin with your powerful business journey like a pro.

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Why Magento is a great platform and how a Magento developer helpful?

Millions of eCommerce businesses are growing with an open-source and reliable platform. Can you guess what is it? Yes, it is none other than the Magento- Which is all the hype nowadays. This is the reason more and more professional developers are trying hard to become Magento developers to significant sums out of it. There are a plethora of reasons behind the popularity of Magento ranging from the custom functionality to the thousands of extensions. Magento streamlines all the operations required by the developer and the user. Brands like- Samsung, Coca Cola, Nike, and numerous others are getting benefited from this renowned platform. Are you seeking such facilitation for your eCommerce business? Read with us how to make the most of it and how to find the professionals for the same.

1. An open-source platform- Magento does not charge you anything for using it and more importantly- this platform is completely free of cost. It is very easy to install any version of Magento and get an advantage from it. Various Magento modules can get your advertisement game strong.

2. Performance at its best- Not just Magento is ideal for the aesthetics and feels of the users, but its performance is simply outstanding. New customization options will add charms to its existing amazing catering. Thousands of extensions prove to be just right for every individual purpose. Your website is going to perform like never before and you will see reduced loading time as well as fast query processing. Without any doubt, you will be astounded by the results of this stand out platform for your business. Ask a Magento developer and he will tell you an intriguing and comprehensive tale about wonders of this fame holder- Magento.

3. Third-party integration- These days third-party integration is very necessary and Magento does not lack to provide it to its customers. If you are looking to integrate your website with different services, then going for this platform is ideal for your venture. Magento offers pre-existing Google tools, Google base, Google analytics, and other helpful tools to monitor website performance. All your needs for the tracking, shipping, and application database will be taken care of by this platform.

Towering Media experts can be of great assistance to make the most of Magento for your website. Hire your best Magento developer and see your business growing.


Magento Programming- A High Demand Skill In The Duration

Are you thinking of taking your business online and confused about where to start from? Don’t worry as it is common to be in a dilemma in the very beginning. Here is a tip- your website is the best representation of your business entity. Think of getting your website developed first and simultaneously work on engagement over social media. Now, while you start searching for the developers or platforms for the web site development- you will come across Magento a lot in the eCommerce domain. 

Have you given it a thought why Magento has gained so much popularity and that too soon? This is because quality needs no introduction and it has the audacity to speak for itself. This is what exactly happened to the Magento platform, which was built primarily for online retailing. This is the reason why more and more developers are acquiring the skill of Magento Programming and wish to excel in such a useful development. If you are still thinking why- here are the top reasons why Magento is the best platform and its programming is a helpful skill set. 

  • Mobile friendly- Do you know 250,000 merchants use this platform in the world? If yes, do you know the reason? It is because it is mobile friendly and numerous searches are generated via mobiles. View on the mobile device is simply responsive with great functionality just like it is over the desktop. This is how Magento has an important role to play in the CRO i.e. conversion rate optimization. 
  • Options for personalization- This open-source space for development has all the room for customization for giving a personalized feel to its clients. By learning Magento Programming, a developer can give you the track of the potential buyers’ behavior and you can use it for increasing your conversions. It offers better visualization and outstanding user experience that provides surprising ROI.  
  • Great features- Magento do not leave any stone unturned to let its user get all the benefits. In fact, this how it is built to benefit online retailers. Innovative filtered search option, multiple locations are allowed, can manage multiple stores at a time, have role-specific features, is SEO friendly & let you make it a fully optimized website and Google Website optimizer integration are some of its top-notch features. 

We are sure you must be clear why it gained sudden popularity despite being relatively platform in comparison with other existing ones. Now, as you know how reliable Magento is and you must be seeking the best Magento development and consulting agency. Well, stress not- we have got you covered with Towering Media, which has the most trained and efficient Magento Programming professionals for your assistance. All you need is to check out their official website or reach out to them directly. Trust us, their team will let make the most of Magento for your online business. 

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Magento Product Types: A Complete Guide by Magento Developers

If you’re an eCommerce business owner, you’ll be aware of Magento as one of the best eCommerce platforms capable of thriving business success.

With Magento 2 offering enhanced functionality and improved performance to both the users and Magento Developers, there’s no doubt that it is the first preference among huge eCommerce giants to set up their online store.

When we talk about the product support on Magento 2, the list is endless! Magento 2 supports multiple product types within its catalog. Here are some of the Magento product types that you ought to know.

Simple Products

A simple product in Magento is defined as a physical product with only one SKU. These products have a variety of pricing along with input controls making it easier to sell a number of varieties of a single product. These products can be used along with other product types like-Grouped, Configurable, and Bundled.

Grouped Products

A grouped product represents several products as a group. One can simply provide variations of a single product or can quickly group it for promotion purposes. These grouped products in Magento can be purchased individually or in groups.

Configurable Products

A configurable product may seem like a single product along with some variation options but each option eventually represents a different product with a separate SKU. This helps in easy inventory tracking.

Bundle Products

This category of product lets the clients make their products with several options available. This bundle can either be a gift basket, or something similar that can be easily customized as per the needs. Every item in the bundle is a separate product.

Virtual Products

These are not physical/tangible products. These are mostly used as services, memberships, or subscriptions. These virtual products can be easily associated with bundled or grouped products.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be sent via email or even as physical cards that can be shipped to an address. One can add these kinds of gift cards that are currently in trend using a Magento platform. These gift cards can be redeemed by a user while checking out after buying any product from the eCommerce store, says experienced Magento Developers.

Downloadable Products

A downloadable product contains files that can be downloaded by the user. These files are either provided through a unique URL or via a downloadable file through an email.

These are the product types that one can consider for their Magento platform and can improve their overall business growth.

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Ask These Questions before getting the services of a Magento Developer

While seeking for the best platform for website development, online eCommerce stores often consider Magento. In fact, it is one of the most widely used open-source platforms in the world. With this amazing facilitation, managing an online startup or full-fledged business is not at all a tough job. Just like other business owners, are you hustling to take your store online? Then, you need the assistance of a flexible, full of custom features, and exceptional architectural platform like Magento. This is going to enhance your online visibility and will make you stand out in your business domain. So, are you ready to hire a Magento Developerto begin with, the beneficial process? Here are some questions to ask beforehand and take your business to another level. 

1. Know the expert’s expertise – Hiring an amateur can prove to be worse for your business or it simply might not work. Remember, the fact- higher expertise comes from more experience. You must know how many years of experience your developer has and how much expertise is required to serve your purpose properly. 

2. Ask for portfolio and sample work – You need to make sure- the Magento Developer you are about to hire has all the potential and will perform efficiently for your project. Check out the websites made by him previously and see how functional these are. After all, you would never wish to entertain those sprawling agencies who have everything fake about them. 

3. Reliability at its best – You cannot rely on anyone random who cannot put in all his efforts in making your online venture successful. Simplicity, and truthfulness can tell you about their reliability and you will understand their detail-oriented approach quite soon. 

4. Customer Testimonials will tell you a real tale – Do they have any platform showcasing their work and list of satisfied customers? If yes, then it will be great as you will get all the chance to know their true caliber. Based on that, you can hand over your work to them and make the most of this awesome framework at the same time. 

5. Exceptional work quality – The main purpose behind hiring a Magento Developer is to give out your website development to them. So, if they cannot let you fetch the best outcomes- what is the benefit of getting their services, spending money, and putting in time? So, make sure he or she can handle your project well in an overall sense. 

So, all these queries can facilitate you with the best Magento Developer at work. Get Magento and see your business excelling at a different level. 

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Hiring the Magento Experts for Migrating to Updated Version

You may find several resources claiming that Magento is the far best platform for developing an eCommerce platform. But have you heard about Magento 2 migration yet?

If not, you’re seriously missing some of the advanced features and unmatched performance of Magento that can thrive your business success.

Yes, Magento 2 is designed in a way to help startups, huge businesses, and Magento Experts to leverage the best functionalities for enhanced user and development experience.

As a business owner, you can eventually get benefitted in endless ways if you switch to the upgraded version of the most reliable eCommerce platform.

Here’s how a Magento enthusiast can help you in getting the best out of your eCommerce business in the future.

Hassle-Free Migration

One of the biggest reasons to choose a Magento developer for migrating to an updated version of the platform is the fact that one cannot perform the task without expertise.

The entire process requires a lot of time as well as needs adequate knowledge of handling the products, plugins, and overall security in a way that there are least chances of data loss.

Quick Deployment & Data Security

Migrating to the updated version requires a lot of time, which is perhaps the reason you must consider an expert to shun any chance of risking your precious data related to the product, clients’ information, and other essential details.

Installing Features & Plugins

Installing crucial features and previously installed plugins is quite a challenging task in Magento 2 and must be carried out by the experts with adequate experience. One should seek professional help if they are planning to perform the migration process smoothly.

Apart from this, the experts ensure that the plugins installed on your platform aren’t affecting the overall performance of the website. This depicts the importance of Magento Experts in enhancing the overall migration experience, which you can expect while you plan to manage things without professional help.

Testing and Ensuring Everything is Working Flawlessly

Testing is a crucial part of the migration process, which shouldn’t be ignored. Once the changes and data migration process is completed, the developer must thoroughly test the website for any flaws and errors.

Making detailed reports regarding any issues and its resolution must be the biggest priority of the developer. Once the entire website is tested, it is the right time to go live to scale business growth.

These aspects showcase the need for professional help while one decides to migrate from the current Magento 1 version to Magento 2.

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Magento 2 Migration: A Brief Overview from Expert Magento Developer’s Perspective

Magento 2 has a lot more to offer than its predecessors, which is perhaps the reason why most of the SMEs prefer relying on this platform.

While we talk about huge brands that have already set up their eCommerce ventures on Magento 1 platform, they have already migrated to the latest release of the reliable eCommerce platform i.e. Magento 2.

Since most of the Magento Developers would suggest you to understand the basics of migrating to Magento 2, here we’ve clubbed some essential aspects associated with the overall process that every business owner ought to know.

Dive in here to know more about the process to upgrade your Magento 1 to Magento 2 platform.

Steps Involved in Migration Process

Upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is mainly completed in three major steps that include-

The Pre-Migration Stage

This stage is mainly to analyze the overall data and the content that needs to be migrated on the new platform. The entire blueprint of the process is created during the stage that includes- the total time to migrate, the design specifications, and analyzing the project outline.

The Migration Stage

In this step, the Magento Developer needs to set up the testing environment once the website is shifted to the new server. The developer moves themes, data, plugins, content, and all extensions from Magento 1 to Magento 2. This is perhaps the crucial step that must be executed by the developer.

The Post Migration Stage

This is the final stage in which one needs to synchronize the order history along with the customer data that ensures a flawless migration to an enhanced version of the platform.

One should keep in mind that the overall migration process isn’t quick and may consume a lot of time, which is the reason you must seek professional help to avoid any glitch.

Implementing extensions, custom development, data transfer, and plugin installation along with the assurance of seamless functionality takes a good amount of time.

The process depends on your business’s exact requirements. If you are seeking a migration for your small eCommerce business platform, you can expect the same in lesser time as compared to migrate a huge platform with thousands of products and complex data.

The Crux

As discussed, the entire process to migrate to a new advanced version of Magento is quite complex and one should prefer relying on Magento experts for the same to experience a flawless migration.