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Hire The Best Magento Experts With Towering Media For Your Business

ECommerce has been an ever-changing and updating platform to grow with. To make most of its features, one needs to have a remarkable place online. If you are also in such a pursuit, then never underestimate the power of a good platform and website developed over it. Your official site is like the digital business card that will let people recognize you and will enable your startup to get all the fame. Do you know which platform is all about the hype nowadays? Yes, it is none other than the Magento. To make the most of this open-source and well-functional platform, you need the assistance of a Magento ExpertBut, the main question that arises out of this need is where to find the best help for Magento development? Let us assist you- The top-notch development service providers are present at the Towering Media. Just reach out to them and your requirements will be fulfilled. But before you reach out be sure you know what exactly you need. Here are some exclusive tips for that- 

What to look for in the Magento Experts?

1. Consider your objective- How can you get your work done when you are unsure of your requirements? Seems, like one of the basic things to keep in the mind, right? Once you will be clear about your goal, then the time for defining your requirement in front of the professional is of utmost importance. When they will understand your objective, only then there is a possibility of them delivering it likewise to your company. This will also eliminate the rejection criteria and a lot of time will be saved. After all, you should keep in mind that you are getting a website developed on a complex platform like Magento. 

2. Define budget and skill set- Know what kind of services you are about to receive from the Magento Experts. You can check out their portfolio and see if their skills match your needs to find the most suitable match. When you will connect with a company like Towering Media, it becomes easy to have an uninterrupted showcase of previous expertise and testimonials. Their customer reviews can give you a realistic approach towards the features of the services you will get. Besides, their references and achievements can act as a great insight to finalize the hiring. Do you know the plus point of these professionals? They are the certified developers who can give world-class development and timely assistance to make your business stand out from the crowd. We hope, this is going to give you a clear picture of how your Magento based website looks like. 

The hiring of the Magento Experts is the first step to be taken by any startup which needs to have a great impact in the eCommerce world. So, contact Towering Media and get facilitated with the most favorable web development for organizational fame as well as excellence. 

Magento Expert

Magento Experts- Your Personalized eCommerce Website Developers

Built on open-source technology, Magento is all about the hype in the duration in the world of development and eCommerce. We cannot find a more flexible, content, and functionality embedded platform other than this dope place for Magento Experts. This is undoubtedly a powerful, and amazing management tool for new business as well as for the fully established venture. Top brands like Olympus, Nike, Lenovo, Ford, and Samsung use this exceptional platform for their websites. In fact, there are numerous businesses adopting it day by day. Do you wish to be part of this vast community and take your startup to the skyrocketing heights? Well, all you need is to contact a great company near to you which can develop your website over Magento. Let us tell you more about this interesting platform first. 

Magento platform must be your preference for business success

1. Awestruck Aesthetics – A website is the representation of any business that tells the tale of your organization’s caliber even before you give any presentation. Trust us, your various potential clients will judge your entity with the impression of your site. Ask a Magento Experthow great design, easy to use, and overall impressive website can impress your client in no time. No wonder you require Magento as it can give you a beautiful, flexible, and high-performance website with exceptional community support like no other platform. This is the ultimate reason why Magento gained so much fame in a few years, unlike other platforms that are still thriving for attention. 

2. Customizable – Nothing can beat the power of customization to win the trust of users and make them your loyal customer. That personalized feel is enough to keep them intrigued with your top-notch products and services. Eventually, leading to more and more conversions in favor of your company. Think of the themes that are just depicting your mission, vision, and goals! It is already so much interesting and you can get it all with Magento. How cool is that? 

We are sure you are so amazed by this fantastic platform and seeking the best Magento Experts, to begin with, your official website. Do not look here and there, just reach out for the Towering Media and give all your aspirations in their hands regarding your business site. Good look for upcoming online ventures. 

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Top Questions to Ask a Magento Expert Before Initiating Your Website

The last decade was a period of immense growth for eCommerce startups. A lot of new entrepreneurs are trying their luck online with the best possible platform. Needless to say what they have been relying on- Magento is so popular for web development in the duration. The idea was to put Magento at work to sell products online and set a stand out example. There are a lot of benefits that Magento gives business owners and take their business to touch new peaks of success. Multiple website management, third-party integration, secure payment options, Magento community support, SEO- friendly platform, and overall commendable performance are some of the specialties of Magento. To avail of all these advantages, you need a Magento expert. Well, if you are in a dilemma then please fret not as our exclusive guide will help you find a reliable professional to handle your Magento based website.

Benefits of Magento expert for your business:

  • Technical know-how is one of the main advantages of hiring a professional for Magento development. They can do coding, and design, with effective planning for the success of your business.
  • While your expert developer is doing every website-related task, you can save your time and concentrate on other vital accomplishments.
  • This website with Magento can be the best representation of your business with the choicest features, customizations, and out of the box aesthetics.
  • You can save a lot of money by getting your official business card or your website over Magento and also avail the benefit of a minimized downtime.
  • Outstanding site performance with reduced loading time and well-optimized operations impress users in no time. This is how they come back whenever they get an amazing experience during the first time.

Now, you are sure what facilitations can a Magento expert provides you. So, next, you must know what kind of developer you require- Front end Magento developer, Full-stack Magento developer, or Back end Magento developer. Select what you require and get going.

Yes, all these features and specifications are available at the Towering Media and their Magento expertsAll you need is to reach out to them via their official website or directly to any of their executives and begin with your powerful business journey like a pro.

Magento Expert

Hiring the Magento Experts for Migrating to Updated Version

You may find several resources claiming that Magento is the far best platform for developing an eCommerce platform. But have you heard about Magento 2 migration yet?

If not, you’re seriously missing some of the advanced features and unmatched performance of Magento that can thrive your business success.

Yes, Magento 2 is designed in a way to help startups, huge businesses, and Magento Experts to leverage the best functionalities for enhanced user and development experience.

As a business owner, you can eventually get benefitted in endless ways if you switch to the upgraded version of the most reliable eCommerce platform.

Here’s how a Magento enthusiast can help you in getting the best out of your eCommerce business in the future.

Hassle-Free Migration

One of the biggest reasons to choose a Magento developer for migrating to an updated version of the platform is the fact that one cannot perform the task without expertise.

The entire process requires a lot of time as well as needs adequate knowledge of handling the products, plugins, and overall security in a way that there are least chances of data loss.

Quick Deployment & Data Security

Migrating to the updated version requires a lot of time, which is perhaps the reason you must consider an expert to shun any chance of risking your precious data related to the product, clients’ information, and other essential details.

Installing Features & Plugins

Installing crucial features and previously installed plugins is quite a challenging task in Magento 2 and must be carried out by the experts with adequate experience. One should seek professional help if they are planning to perform the migration process smoothly.

Apart from this, the experts ensure that the plugins installed on your platform aren’t affecting the overall performance of the website. This depicts the importance of Magento Experts in enhancing the overall migration experience, which you can expect while you plan to manage things without professional help.

Testing and Ensuring Everything is Working Flawlessly

Testing is a crucial part of the migration process, which shouldn’t be ignored. Once the changes and data migration process is completed, the developer must thoroughly test the website for any flaws and errors.

Making detailed reports regarding any issues and its resolution must be the biggest priority of the developer. Once the entire website is tested, it is the right time to go live to scale business growth.

These aspects showcase the need for professional help while one decides to migrate from the current Magento 1 version to Magento 2.

magento 2 Magento Developer

How to Manage Magento Product Reviews in Magento 2

How can we handle the review of Magento Product in Magento 2

We already know that product review are more useful than any advertisement. It helps to gain the quality and other related facts about the product. It actually develops a sense of community. It engages customers build a sense of trust give them knowledge about the product and can also boost sales. Magento Experts have defined the steps in a very simplified way.

The Process is really very simple ,here we go:

For any customer who wants to write a review about the product can just visit product page and click “Add Your Review“. If no body has given any ratings or review then the link will pop  “Be the first to review this product”.

The review option will let the customer see all the previous reviews and also a review form that one needs to fill and Submit.

Other visiters can read the  review from the link and can write their own too. One can understand the quality of the product by just seeing the number of stars the product has. More number of stars means the product is of a good quality and user satisfactory.

Once the review is submitted it is directly sent to the Admin for further modification and then it get published in your store after it gets the approval.

To Configure the Reviews on Product use the following steps:
  • Admin sidebar » Stores » Configuration.
  • In the left panel, look for  Catalog » Catalog.
  • Click » Product Reviews section » Allow Guests so that they can  Write Reviews » Save Configuration.

To Manage the Product Review go for the following:
  • Admin sidebar » Marketing » User Content » Reviews.
  • Select  pending review to view and edit the details if required.
  • If you want to accept any  pending review, go to  Status and change from “Pending” to “Approved” and “Not Approved” if you don’t want to accept any review » Save Review.
magento 2 Magento Developer

How to Manage Product Inventory in Magento 2

Inventory Management Process

Inventory Management is one of the indispensable points for eCommerce.One should always be aware and track the inventories along with the quality of his store.

According to our Magento Experts and Developers there are two different approaches for Inventory Management or Stock Management. In both the cases the main goal is to achieve the endmost efficiency.

Approach 1 : Inventory Settings In Magento 2

Look at the  screenshot for an idea.Now begin with elaborations

  • Login to Admin ,click on Stores » Configuration » Catalog » Inventory .
  • Expand the drop down menu of Stock Options.

Look carefully to the above screenshot and fill the fields exactly as above.

Repeat the same for Product Stock Option

Approach 2 : Inventory Settings for a Particular Product
  • On the Admin menu choose Catalog and click Products.
  • Open a product  to Edit.
  • Click Advanced Inventory from Sources section.
  •  Compute the Stock:

a: In order to manage the inventories using all the Magento features click “Yes”.

b: Click “No”to disable the Magento Inventory Management,and clear the Use system value checkbox.

  • Once you complete the instructions click Done.

Note: In any given case you have to enable Allow Multiple Boxes for Shipping Option remember different parts of the same products can be delivered separately.Also, click Product Details if you need to change the quantity of a product.

After all settings are applied click Save.




magento 2 Magento Developer

How to Create Newsletter Templates and Send to Customers from Admin

Tutorial to create Newsletter Template and send to customers from the admin panel.

Magento Experts have configure the Newsletter Template in a most convenient way to make it user friendly. Keeping the fact in mind that Newsletter is a vital tool in Marketing world. It is that medium  which is not just limited to  inform the customers about the product, their discount ,quality or promote the product but it is a great media to build buyer seller one to one relationship. 

Creating Newsletter Templates in Magento 2

Login to Admin Panel » click on the Newsletter menu » a drop down menu will appear » from there select Newsletter Templates . The following image will clear the idea

On clicking the Newsletter Template a screen with previous templates will appear. Coming forward to the next step click on Add New Template button it is designed on your upper right corner of your screen.

After you are done with the above step next you need to provide some basic information like

  • Template Name  any suitable name for the newsletter.
  • Template Subject to know what the newsletter is about.
  • Sender Name , subscribers will get to know who has sent the newsletter.
  • Sender Email , the subscriber get an idea of the email id from where they are receiving the newsletter.
  • you can insert an image also here if you wish to by clicking insert or edit image.
  • Click Show/Hide Editor button  of Template Content field to enable the WYSIWYG editor.

Note: Do no delete if you see Unsubscribe Link ,it’s a mandetory  part of Template Content.

  • In Template Style box give CSS to format the content.
  • Click Preview Template to assure all the steps are done correctly.
  • Lastly Click on Save button.



A Comprehensive Guide To Configure Magento 2 Google Tag Manager Extension

There is a common myth that if you have a Magento 2 website, then you can simply conquer the market but that way too different in the real world. The success of Magento 2 ecommerce store depends on the selection of right tool.

Let me go deeper in this concept.

According to Magento Developers; there are ample of well recognized  companies and services who provide bundle that includes market-recognized tools. The combination of these tools can really be the X-factor for your ecommerce store website.

Google is too one of the recognized company that offers a bundle of tools that ensures that you can accurately track and monitor your ecommerce business performance indicators.

This bundle allows the user to monitor all the Google extensions associated with your ecommerce website which includes Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Keyword Planner. The bundle is more off like an extension which is known as “Magento 2 Google Tag Manager extension”.

If you are too a marketer, then you want this extension as it will help you in easily track your site conversions, remarketing, analytics, and related functions. These insights will help you stay on-track from the initial days of your business till your glory.

Few Features To Ponder

The first question you might have may be where to find Magento 2 Google Tag Manager Extension. Visit WeltPixel and download Magento 2 GTM extension there. Features that it offers are as follows:

  • It will help you track your cross-sell & upsell products. It also make it easy for you to track product impression and clicks.
  • You can even number of times a particular product was added or removed from the cart.
  • How many times a product was added in the favourites or wishlist.
  • Easy to track how many times a specific product was reviewed or compared.
  • Keep tabs on the entire website’s checkout process which includes billing to shipping steps.


The second question which might be baffling you is how you can Install Magento 2 Google Tag Manager Extension. That is the base on which this entire post was ideated. Let’s dive deep into the steps. Here we go,

Installing Magento GTM Extension

The installation is as simple as installing any other Magento 2 extension. All you need to do is follow these simple standard steps,

  • Go to the official website (In this case, go to the above mentioned website). Simply download the .zip file.
  • Unzip the Google GTM Extension on any folder of your desire.
  • Simply transfer the folder to app/code folder.
  • Access the root folder of your Magento 2 store. You can access the folder through command line. Once you access that, type the following code and run it

php bin/magento module:enable WeltPixel_Backend –clear-static-content
php bin/magento module:enable WeltPixel_GoogleTagManager –clear-static-content
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

  • Once you run those codes, remember to flush the caches on the server and Magento.

php -d memory_limit=-1 bin/magento cache:flush

With these steps you can easily install Magento 2 Google Tag Manager Extension in your Magento store.

Let’s dive further deep into the configuration of Magento 2 GTM Extension.

Configuring Magento 2 GTM Extension

  • First, you need to activate Google Tag Manager. Go to WeltPIXEL > Enhanced ecommerce GTM Settings > Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce. Enable the Google Tag Manager by clicking yes there.
  • One thing you need to keep in mind before you install Magento 2 GTM Extension, you need to have Javascript code & a non-Javascript code. You can get these codes from Google Tag Manager. paste these codes in your Google Tag Manager Non-Js Code & Magento 2 Google Tag Manager Javascript Code.
  • In Impression Chunks Size option, mention the number of data you will see for your impression report. For smooth performance, it is recommended that you keep the size at 15.
  • With the help of Product Identifier, you can easily recognize your product in Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager with help of SKU or Product ID.
  • Now mention the right Brand Attribute to track brand on Google Analytics.
  • Choose Grand Total or Subtotal in the option “Order Success Page Total Calculation”.
  • You can click “Yes” in the option “Measure Product Clicks” to track product click in different category pages of your Magento store by the help of our Magento Developers.

Over To You

These steps mentioned above are unavoidable and are mandatory to set for proper tracking in your Magento ecommerce development store. With the use of Magento 2 Google Tag Manager Extension, you can avoid the confusing use of multiple extensions. You will see some promising growth and increase in your Magento store productivity. It is a must-have extension for your ecommerce store. Don’t miss the power of Magento 2 GTM Extension.

What you think about the post? Did I miss something? Why don’t you leave a comment and let me know what I miss. Let’s have a healthy discussion. Till the, Adios fellas!!!

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Magento 2.3 Major Improvements and Features

Ahoy Merchants!!! Magento 2.3 is here for you. If you are a merchant or an expert in Magento development then it will be a holy grail for your business.

There are ample amount of new features and tools which have the potential to make your e-commerce business bliss. If you’re an apt team of Magento developers, then with this update you have ample functions to meet your client’s requirements and expectation.

Without any further ado, let’s get you started with the benefits you can reap from this security release.

Features That Will Help You in Your Business

There are many features to look out for with this new release of Magento. Let’s break it down to frags so that you can easily comprehend how beneficial is this update for you and your business.

·        Grow & Evolve With Multi-Source Inventory

Operational efficiency is something a merchant always need to work on if he wants to grow and reach out maximum sale. With the latest update from Magento, multi-source inventory spawns you merchants with enhanced operational efficiency by serving them with multi-serving function. With this function, it becomes super easy for you to manage your inventory in accordance with the location of your user.

The track inventory allows you to manage all the inventories at one place. You can set rules which will help you in prioritizing the inventory sources which your user can see in your website on a real-time basis.

It is also easy to integrate any third-party inventory system. As a merchant, you can easily track the product when your customer adds products to their cart. This feature will help you in presenting accurate quantity to the customers to avoid any future inconvenience. This tweak will help you in increasing your conversion rates effectively.

·        Penetrate Mobile Marketing with Progressive Web Apps

In the coming future, smartphones are going to rule the e-commerce realm. Magento’s new update release caters you with progressive web app feature. This feature will enable you to serve your customers with superior mobile experience which will definitely boost your business’s conversion rate and engagement. In short, with the help of progressive web apps aka PWA studio, you can easily make your development process cheaper and faster.

M-commerce is the future of the business which is the reason PWA feature will help you in achieving increased web and mobile visibility, better page performance, and higher conversion rates.

Another important thing here is PWA studio will release its independent releases which will indeed affect your business positively. So, this update has the potential to make your website’s user experience mobile-alike.

·        Drag and Drop With Page Builder

Remember those days when you have to ask a Magento experts every time you need to make changes to your e-commerce website? Gone are those days!!! Magento introduces you with a drag and drops feature. It will become easy for you to place images, videos, and banners at your will anywhere on your e-commerce website.

You can even create new pages and launch fresh content for your website to engage the audience. In addition to that, it is very easy to add additional information to your product pages and add new category products.

With a flexible grid system, you can place desired page element anywhere you want. It is highly customizable and also helps you to streamline the content of the website in accordance with your target audience.

This newly enhanced page builder is filled with the functionality such as easy addition of media gallery and widgets. Also, you can create dynamic content blocks and even schedule content for the future. This can be a huge plus for your content staging campaigns.

Concluding Remarks

There are many additional updates you must know apart from these crucial updates such as,

  • Magento shipping feature will provide you with additional support for order fulfillment.
  • Magento experts can use GraphQL to drop query for a specific data element in just one request.
  • Magento also now comes up with the Declarative schema.
  • Indexing process will also be increased for the entire e-commerce website.

So, what are you waiting for? Update your Magento interface now and grow your business like a boss!!!

That’s it from this edition, I hope you like it. Let me know your thoughts on this Magento update via comments. Adios for now fellas!!!

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Magento Designers – Design Your Websites in a Hassle-Free Way

In the field of computer programming, being a Magento Designer means having specific skills to design, set up, operate and evolve an e-commerce platform. An ecosystem and computer tools are to be mastered.

A computer programmer who wants to specialize in the development of a platform or application Magento must master primarily object-oriented programming. He is able to develop at a high level with the PHP language. His knowledge of the web environment and the specificity of programs running server-side, client-side commands or manipulations are essential.

The qualities of a good Magento Designer

  • The developer must master the key concepts and the ecosystem. It uses the programming tools which are integrated in Magento. It exploits the web services that optimize the online application.
  • The developer is required to provide a standard for site safety, quality and performance. Its mission can be punctual like the customization or the configuration of a module.
  • Being a computer science graduate with the knowledge of PHP language and the MySQL database can shorten your career path to become a Magento designer.
  • Many learning materials and books are available to convert to Magento. Training organizations offer an interesting curriculum that allows you to master the various aspects of the development and integration of e-commerce software.

How to Integrate a Magento Developer into your E-commerce Project?

If you have an e-commerce site based on Magento, you know that to support the development of your site, you will regularly need to make improvements projects or install patches. Like other actions in Magento, the development and creation of modules or even the modification of a design are actions to be carried out by your technical team of integrators. If it is composed of a Magento expert with a developer training in PHP, everything is fine; you have all the elements to move forward.