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Setting Locale, Language, & Country in Magento 2- A Quick Guide

Magento 2 being the most advanced and preferred eCommerce platform has always provided a lot of convenience to both users and admins.

With features like multiple language support and locale, Magento 2 is undeniably the best that any business can get.

Here we’re sharing detailed information regarding setting default country along with setting locale in your Magento 2. If you are a Magento Developer who is seeking an answer to the question- “How to set Locale, Language, and Country in Magento 2”, you’ve landed at the right spot.

This will help you in setting your store in automatically determining the timezone along with your language & working days as per your area. This would also help your audience in determining your country and other details including tax rate as per your current location.

Once you’ve correctly performed the setup of language and default country, your online store would be now more user-friendly, and more and more people from around the globe could easily access your services/goods without any language barrier.

Check out the complete tutorial below.

Setting up Locate in Your Magento 2

  • You need to first login into your Magento 2 backend
  • Now set up the state option available.
  • Once done, click on State Option and choose the preferred one.
  • Check the final result.

Logging in your Backend

  • Click on the Stores option available on Admin Sidebar. Once done, click on Configuration under the Settings option.
  • Now you need to choose General under the left panel.
  • Now select your Timezone from the available list and continue to perform the following process:
  • Set the Locale as per your preferred store language.
  • Now you need to set the Weight Unit of measurement. This option helps in the measurement of shipments from your particular locale.
  • Choose First Day of the Week as per your preferred first day of the week depending on your area.
  • Select the days that fall on the weekend as per your location by clicking on Weekend Days.
  • Once the above procedure is done, click on Save Config.

Setting Up State Option

  • Now, click on the Stores option available on Admin Sidebar and then choose Configuration under Settings.
  • Choose General under General.
  • Now you need to expand the State Options section and fill the entries according to the state required.
  • When complete, you need to click on Save Config.

Setting up the Country option

  • Click Stores option available on the Stores. Once done, you need to click Settings and choose Configuration.
  • Choose General Under General.
  • Now you need to expand the Country options.
  • Choose your default Country where your business is operated and located.
  • Now add the necessary details and click Save Config when done.

Checking the Result

Once you’re done with the above-mentioned process, it’s time to check the final result. For this, you can use your browser after clearing the cache.

If you are facing any troubles, it is recommended to seek help from a professional and experienced Magento Developer.


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