Set up multiple websites, stores, and store views in the Admin in magento2

How to Set up multiple websites, stores, and store views in the Admin


With the help of our excellent Magento Developers , Magento2 helps to set multiple stores, website,  etc in a single magento backend. Hence , all the stores will be able to use one single domain.

Setting up Multiple Stores in Magento 2 requires the following steps:

  • Step 1: Select the Store Domain
  • Step 2: Add the New Store
  • Step 3: Add a Default Store View
  • Step 4: Setup the Store URL
Step 1: Select the Store Domain

The first and foremost step to analyze and decide how the store will be organized  whether it will share the same domain or have subdomain or a different individual .

Go through one of the three mentioned instructions for each store respectively.

  • You don’t need to do anything if you wish to place the store one level below the primary domain.
  • For a primary domain set a subdomain.
  • Set up a fresh domain.
Step 2: Add the New Store

As the step 2 says we need to add a new store. Go to your  Magento backend, go to Stores » Settings » All Stores.

 Quickly click  Create Store button and then do the following:

  • Select the parent Website of the store.If you find that there is only one website then make it “Main Website“.
  • Fill the Name field to identify the Store View.
  • In Root Category you will see a drop down field , select a proper root category for the main menu of the new store.
  • When you are complete with the above instructions click on Save Store.
Step 3: Add a Default Store View

Click on Create Store View and allocate a suitable store (for the new store that has been created). With the lower alphabet character you type an appropriate code for the Store View. Then click on “Enabled” for Status. Specify the Sort Order. Now you Save Store View.

Step 4: Setup the Store URL
  • In the Admin Panel go Stores » Settings » Configuration .
  • Select Web from the left panel under General.
  • Then look at the upper left corner select Store view.
  • Click “OK
  • Open Base URL Section , clear the Use Website checkbox and change the Base Url for Store.

In order to set Secure URL select Secure Base URLs, when complete select Save Configuration.

Now to create Website go to your Admin Panel and then follow Stores » Settings » All Stores.

Click Create Website.

  • In the Name field give an appropriate name.
  • Enter an unique code in Code field to identify the store.
  • In Sort Order enter an optional numerical sort order.
  • Now click Save Website.

To Change the website’s base URL
  • Stores » Settings » Configuration. Under General , click Web.
  • Select a Website  from the Store View which is located at the top of the page.
  • Expand on Base URLs section and enter the required Website URL.
  • Click on Save configuration to save the changes.

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