What is the latest version of Magento?

Latest Version of Magento

As of now, the latest version of Magento is Magento 2.4.7, released in August 2023. Here are some key highlights and improvements in this version:

Key Highlights of Magento 2.4.7

  • Performance Improvements:
    • Enhanced performance for large catalogs and high-traffic websites.
    • Optimization of indexing processes to reduce the time required for reindexing.
  • Security Enhancements:
    • Multiple security fixes to address potential vulnerabilities.
    • Improved support for two-factor authentication (2FA) and security best practices.
  • Platform Upgrades:
    • Support for PHP 8.1 and 8.2, ensuring compatibility with the latest PHP versions.
    • Updates to dependencies and libraries for better security and performance.
  • GraphQL Enhancements:
    • Expanded GraphQL coverage, providing more robust API capabilities for headless commerce implementations.
  • PWA Studio Updates:
    • Continued improvements to Progressive Web Application (PWA) capabilities, enhancing mobile performance and user experience.
  • B2B Feature Enhancements:
    • Improved functionalities for B2B merchants, including better management of shared catalogs and customer account management.
  • Improved Developer Experience:
    • Enhanced developer tools and documentation to simplify the development process and improve productivity.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Resolution of various bugs and issues reported by the Magento community to improve overall stability and reliability.

How to Upgrade to Magento 2.4.7

To upgrade to Magento 2.4.7, follow these general steps:

1. Backup Your Store

Before making any changes, ensure you have a complete backup of your Magento store, including the database and all files.

2. Check System Requirements

Verify that your server environment meets the system requirements for Magento 2.4.7, including PHP version, database version, and required PHP extensions.

3. Update Composer

Ensure that you have the latest version of Composer installed.

4. Upgrade Magento

Run the following commands in your Magento root directory to update Magento using Composer:

composer require magento/product-community-edition=2.4.7 --no-update
composer update

5. Run Upgrade Commands

After updating via Composer, run the Magento upgrade and deployment commands:

bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento setup:di:compile
bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f
bin/magento cache:clean
bin/magento cache:flush

6. Verify the Upgrade

Check your Magento admin panel and storefront to ensure the upgrade was successful and everything is functioning as expected.


Magento 2.4.7 brings significant improvements in performance, security, and functionality, making it a valuable upgrade for any Magento store. Always ensure you follow best practices for backups and testing when performing upgrades to minimize any potential disruptions to your store operations. For more detailed information, you can refer to the official Magento release notes and documentation.