How do I set up SSL for Magento?

Setting up SSL for Magento involves two main parts: obtaining an SSL certificate and configuring Magento to use it.

1. Obtain an SSL Certificate:

  • Purchase an SSL certificate from a reputable SSL provider. There are various options depending on your needs and budget.

2. Configure Magento:

  1. Log in to your Magento admin panel.
  2. Navigate to **Stores > Configuration**.
  3. Under **General**, select **Web**.
  4. Expand the **Base URLs (Secure)** section.
    • Update the **Secure Base URL** to HTTPS.
    • Set both **Use Secure URLs on Storefront** and **Use Secure URLs in Admin** to **Yes**.
  5. Save the configuration.
  6. Clear Magento cache (using CLI or admin panel).

**Additional points to consider:**

  • The specific steps might vary slightly depending on your Magento version (Magento 1 or 2). You can find detailed instructions with screenshots by searching online for "Magento [version] enable SSL".
  • If you're not comfortable with technical aspects, consider seeking help from your hosting provider or a Magento developer.