How do I add a new product in Magento?

To add a new product in Magento, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Magento Admin Panel:

    • Open your web browser and go to the URL of your Magento admin panel.
    • Enter your admin username and password, then click on "Sign in."
  2. Navigate to the Products Section:

    • In the left sidebar, go to Catalog > Products.
  3. Add a New Product:

    • Click on the Add Product button at the top right corner.
  4. Select the Product Type:

    • Choose the type of product you want to add. The common types are:
      • Simple Product: A standalone product without options.
      • Configurable Product: A product with multiple options (e.g., size, color).
      • Grouped Product: A group of simple products.
      • Virtual Product: A product that doesn’t require shipping (e.g., services).
      • Bundle Product: A customizable product that allows customers to build their own product from options.
      • Downloadable Product: A product with files that customers can download.
  5. Fill in the Product Information:

    • Product Name: Enter the name of your product.
    • SKU: Enter a unique identifier for your product.
    • Price: Enter the price of the product.
    • Tax Class: Select the appropriate tax class.
    • Quantity: Enter the quantity of the product in stock.
    • Stock Status: Choose whether the product is in stock or out of stock.
    • Visibility: Set the visibility of the product (e.g., Catalog, Search).
    • Category: Assign the product to one or more categories.
    • Description: Provide a detailed description of the product.
    • Short Description: Provide a brief description of the product.
    • Product Images and Videos: Upload images and videos for your product.
    • Search Engine Optimization: Add meta title, meta description, and meta keywords for SEO purposes.
    • Customizable Options (if applicable): Add any customizable options like size, color, etc.
  6. Configure Advanced Settings (if necessary):

    • Advanced Pricing: Set special prices, tier prices, etc.
    • Related Products, Up-sells, and Cross-sells: Add related products.
    • Design: Apply a custom design to the product page.
    • Gift Options: Enable gift options for the product.
    • Product in Websites: Select the websites where the product will be available.
  7. Save the Product:

    • Once you have filled in all the required information, click the Save button at the top right corner.

After saving, your product will be added to the catalog and should be visible on the front end of your Magento store, depending on your visibility settings.