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Magento Product Types: A Complete Guide by Magento Developers

If you’re an eCommerce business owner, you’ll be aware of Magento as one of the best eCommerce platforms capable of thriving business success.

With Magento 2 offering enhanced functionality and improved performance to both the users and Magento Developers, there’s no doubt that it is the first preference among huge eCommerce giants to set up their online store.

When we talk about the product support on Magento 2, the list is endless! Magento 2 supports multiple product types within its catalog. Here are some of the Magento product types that you ought to know.

Simple Products

A simple product in Magento is defined as a physical product with only one SKU. These products have a variety of pricing along with input controls making it easier to sell a number of varieties of a single product. These products can be used along with other product types like-Grouped, Configurable, and Bundled.

Grouped Products

A grouped product represents several products as a group. One can simply provide variations of a single product or can quickly group it for promotion purposes. These grouped products in Magento can be purchased individually or in groups.

Configurable Products

A configurable product may seem like a single product along with some variation options but each option eventually represents a different product with a separate SKU. This helps in easy inventory tracking.

Bundle Products

This category of product lets the clients make their products with several options available. This bundle can either be a gift basket, or something similar that can be easily customized as per the needs. Every item in the bundle is a separate product.

Virtual Products

These are not physical/tangible products. These are mostly used as services, memberships, or subscriptions. These virtual products can be easily associated with bundled or grouped products.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be sent via email or even as physical cards that can be shipped to an address. One can add these kinds of gift cards that are currently in trend using a Magento platform. These gift cards can be redeemed by a user while checking out after buying any product from the eCommerce store, says experienced Magento Developers.

Downloadable Products

A downloadable product contains files that can be downloaded by the user. These files are either provided through a unique URL or via a downloadable file through an email.

These are the product types that one can consider for their Magento platform and can improve their overall business growth.

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