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Magento Community vs. The Enterprise Version: Which One Do You Prefer?

magento development agency.As a business owner, there is every reason that you should possess a good e-commerce website. And hands down, magento is way ahead in the race when you need to find the most efficient e-commerce development platform.

Is it the end of your troubles when you choose an efficient magento website developer for your service?

No! Now you need to choose from the two prominent versions of magento platforms, which are :

  • Magento Community Version
  • Magento Enterprise Version

Do you have any idea of these? Or, of which one tends to be better in its inculcation? The truth is, both the versions are better in their own point of usage and the effectiveness of each of these relies greatly on the requirements of a person.

But if you still experience troubles, here is a comparison between both the editions for you to choose the best one for your needs :

The Community Edition:

Community edition of magento is available for free and could be developed as an open source software. This indicates that it is easily downloadable without any charges. And additionally, the users could make changes all according to their requirements.

The Enterprise Edition:

This is the more advanced edition of magento and comes with a lot of efficient features such as product improvements etc. Moreover, the enterprise edition also comes up with various security updates for a safer experience on your e-commerce store.

Points of Comparison:

  • Charges: The community edition is available free of cost and this is the best advantage of the version. In addition, it’s easy for anyone to change anything on the software, in order to fulfill system requirements. In contrast, the enterprise edition is available on charges and this comes with the most advanced features. Getting a paid version is not an expense, but an investment that is sure to offer returns.
  • Functionality: No doubt the free edition comes with almost a similar functionality as the paid one, but the latter has more advanced features to offer. Get ready to experience lesser advertising price, permission for promotion, enhanced content management system and highly efficient catalog management system etc. when you get the enterprise edition.
  • Performance: Talking specifically about e-commerce platforms, magento community edition is way faster than any other software obtained from the market. The features in it live up to the expectations of the basic requirements of a business. However, with the paid version, get ready to experience an even better performance from the paid version.
  • Support and Service: For magento enterprise edition, you would get immaculate user-support services 24*7. However, the users of the community edition could only get support via support forum.

With the above points of difference, you could yourself assess the kind of version which suits your needs. Look for what you require in the site and thus you could contact the magento web designers to inform your requirements and get what is best for you and your business too.

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