Magento 2 WHM new server setup guide

After ordering a new server copy past this message into a ticket for them.

We need to get the new server that we ordered up and running we have quite a few items here.

In order for Magento 2 to run with the WHM/Cpanel combination the below changes need to be made.

  • can you please make sure all these stack requirements are installed.
  • install lightspeed webserver
  • install elastic search
  • check that Imunify360 is installed and configured
  • change the php max memory to 5g
  • increase max connections
  • increase max_allowed_packet
  • Set to allow exec function by default
  • Enable ini_set
  • enable env_module
  • enableĀ mod_version
  • Set PHP version to 7.1
  • Set thatĀ PHP-FPM is enabled
  • Disable FTP to force SFTP connection

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