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Magento 1 vs. Magento 2: Why The Newer Version Is Highly Preferred

 magento web designers and developersWhether the top e-commerce stores in the world or the startups- all these are wildly using magento and are receiving huge paybacks too. No doubt, being such a huge community worldwide, you could find the most efficient magento web designers and developers readily.

Of late, one of the common hubbubs is about the newest version of magento i.e. magento 2 and this is considered highly superior over the earlier version of Magento (i.e. magento 1).

Major Reasons To Get Upgraded To Magento 2:

Are you still using the older Magento version for your e-commerce store? Well, it’s time now to get upgraded and get yourself Magento 2 for benefits such as :

Improvement In Performance:

Magento 2 has come up with high standards in its performances and has seen some major improvements due to the following factors :

  • It supports the latest versions of PHP, including PHP 7. These versions encompass security fixes and boost in the web store’s speed.
  • The capability to use varnish caching on the server’s side, so that the owners do not require the installation of a third-party module for it
  • Ability to optimize the images directly on server, using the built-in tools, which was done manually in magento 1

Improvement In Admin Panel:

Magento 2 is highly user friendly and its admin panel too has experienced mighty improvements due to the following :

  • Recent navigation interface for the admin panel. You could navigate to all parts of admin panel easily and also find information efficiently.
  • You could monitor the current scenario of your business, as ‘magento 2’ dashboard illustrates Sales, Last and top search and average order etc.
  • You could now also upload the new products a lot easier due to the bit-by-bit product creation tool. You could even link videos to the products.
  • A boost to the product data import
  • You could fill all the info of your company and store it in the newer, highly improved content section

Frontend Improvement:

Magento 2 has some exceptional improvements in frontend support too, due to the following :

  • The frontend themes appear much better than the older version
  • Magento 2 web designs are highly responsive. You could access the stores through any mobile device or desktop.
  • Faster performance at frontend and visitors need not wait for a full-page-load to view the primary content

 Security And SEO Improvements:

Magento 2 has improved passwords and it is now more resistant to dictionary type attacks. Due to this, there is an improvement in security too.

Also, the rich, new snippets on catalog pages offer improved search results in the search engines to allow an improved SEO performance.

Additionally, Magento 2 has a bright and promising future, which clearly establishes its supremacy over its older version. If you haven’t updated it till now, plan to do it soon with the help of an efficient magento website developer, so as to realize better benefits.

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