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How to Insert a Widget into Sidebar in Magento 2

Inserting Widget into sidebar in Magento2.

Widget is a broad term that can refer to either any GUI (graphical user interface) element or a tiny application that can display information and/or interact with the user. A widget can be as rudimentary as a button, scroll bar, label, dialog box or check box; or it can be something slightly more sophisticated like a search box, tiny map, clock, visitor counter or unit converter.

The Magento Developers and Designers have slog behind this a lot and designed the whole process quit effortlessly.

Now to insert a widget into Magento2 sidebar you need to submissive the following steps:

  • Configure a widget.
  • Configure a Layout update.

While configuring a widget you will also need to Select the Type, Complete the Layout Updates, and Place the Block.

Configure a widget

Owing to the fact that Widget is a predefined set of configuration options, it can be accessed in CMS Page of Magento2 Configuration.

To select the type :

Login to your Store Dashboard click on Content » Widgets.

Look at the upper right corner  of Widget you will find Add New Widget button,simply click on it.

  • Then Click the Setting button and type CMS Static Block in the Type  filed.
  • In Design Theme choose any current theme.
  • Tap continue.

You will be taken to Storefront Properties Section.Then  you will asked to enter an appropriate title for Widget.

In Assign to Store View filed you need to assign blocks for each store view.

If more than one block is placed in one container then Set Order , the top block is set as zero .

Complete the Layout Updates

Click on Layout Upadate in Layout Update section. Here you can specify the page, layout, category, product type or container to display your new widget.

Place the Block
  • From the Widget Option » Select Block ( choose one from the list) .
  • Click Save.
  • Click on the store front to check the view of the block.
Configure a Layout update.
  • From the Admin panel Content » Element » Blocks.
  • From the listed blocks select a block you want to choose and modify Identifier.
  • From the Admin panel Content » Element » Pages.
  • Select the Page where the block will be placed , then click on Edit .
  • In Layout Update XML box select the Design Tab and insert the following cord:
  • Change the Reference Name and Block ID according to the layout of the page.
  • Click Save Button.


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