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How to Setup Free Shipping Promotion in Magento 2

Magento 2 offers a long list of features that not only attracts consumers but also provide an array of benefits to the store owners.

One such feature is free shipping promotion that you can set up in your Magento 2 store that helps magnetizing buyers and increasing your sales.

You can easily set up the conditions from the Magento 2 shopping cart rules that would determine the eligibility of a buyer for free shipping. One can also generate a coupon that can be used to avail of the free shipping option.

Here’s a quick guide by expert Magento Developers that will help you in setting up free shipping promotions in your store.

Step 1: Activating Free Shipping

  • On Admin Panel, select- Stores>Settings>Configuration
  • Select Shipping Methods under Sales
  • Now you need to open Free Shipping Methods
  • Make sure to enable Free Shipping by selecting Yes
  • You can add a title
  • Now you need to enter the Method Name for defining the shipping method. Type free for Free Shipping
  • Add the Minimum Order Amount for free shipping
  • Now you need to add an error message in Displayed Error Message box that appears if free shipping isn’t available
  • Now select the Ship Applicable Countries to specify free shipping in the selected locations
  • You can set the Show Method if Not Applicable to Yes if you wish to show free shipping every time
  • Now you just need to Sort Order on shipping method at the checkout page
  • Now click Save Config to finalize.

Step 2: Activating Free Shipping in the Carrier Config

  • You need to open UPS section from the Shipping Methods Configuration
  • Now you need to set Free Method to Ground
  • Make sure to enable Free Shipping with Minimum Order Amount for Free Shipping field.
  • Click on Save Config to complete.

Step 3: Setting the Cart Price Rule

Go to Admin Panel and click on- Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules

  • Set Name for the new rule and provide a description for the same in the Rule Information tab
  • Now you need to assign to the Website & Customer Group
  • Ensure the status is Active where the rule is applied
  • You can set No Coupons in the Coupon option if your promotion isn’t valid on any use of coupon
  • Now in the Actions tab, you need to open the Pricing Structure Rules section
  • Set Apply on the Percent of Product Price Discount
  • Set Apply to Shipping Amount to Yes
  • Now you need to set Free Shipping
  • Now in the Labels tab, insert text in Default Rule Label for All Store Views
  • Set label for every store view under the Store View Specific Labels
  • Now just click on Save Rule to finalize.

Step 4: Check the Rule

Now you just need to verify the rule that you have set. Make a note that any change would require 1 hour to get the new rule updated.

If you are facing any issues in the overall process, it’s recommended to hire any of the expert Magento Developers.

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