How to Add your Blogs on Magento through Magento Blog Integration

Magento 2 is undeniably navigating the world of eCommerce to the next level. With so many small, medium, and huge businesses relying on Magento 2 platform, it’s undoubtedly the preferred choice even in the near future.

Whether it’s a startup with limited products or a huge store containing uncountable items, Magento 2 works flawlessly and delivers excellent performance that boosts engagement with an unmatched user interface.

Today we’re going to talk about adding blogs on your Magento website just like any other CMS like WordPress.

One can easily add Magento blog integration & Magento WordPress integration and can quickly modify them according to their needs. You can also take a help from our experienced Magento Developer for this.

Here’s why and how to combine Magento with Blog:

One can Perform the Following Procedure:

  • First of all, modify the .htaccess file to define the rewrite base, now you need to fix it to define the Rewrite Base
  • Now install Magento plug-in, an extension that manages both blog & store on the same interface

Reasons to Combine Magento with Blog:

  • Blogs provide answers to the user queries that build trust
  • Blogging helps in increasing organic traffic on your website
  • Blogging increases eCommerce success
  • Most of the buyers prefer reading about a specific product or brand before making a purchase
  • Building trust on your website

Combining Magento with Blog:

It’s quite simple to add a blog on your Magento website but you need to take care of certain aspects to make sure the overall procedure is flawless.

First of all, you will need a custom extension and need to search Magento Connect for an extension. It would be great to take the help of the Magento Connect tutorial while you are about to install extensions on your Magento website.

Steps involved in the procedure:

  • Firstly, you need to get the extension key and enter it into the connector
  • Now you’ll have an additional menu- “Blog”, you need to adjust blog with Magento connector
  • Now you can search the blog features, settings, and posts

You can get benefitted through a blog on your eCommerce store in many ways. Once you integrate your Magento and WordPress, you’ll get the assurance of enhanced functioning of your blog and website to its full capability that would further improve organic traffic on your website leading to enhanced revenues.

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