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Configuring the Default Page in Magento 2- A Quick Guide

With Magento 2, you can always unleash your eCommerce potential in a way that thrives business success in the long run. Since Magento 2 isn’t the platform that would always require a professional Magento Developer for its configuration, you can always enhance the overall functionality & make the desired changes on your own.

Magento 2 has endless functionalities coupled with a quick and user-friendly configuration. One can always update the user-experience without relying on experts for basic tasks like updating the home page.

Here we’ll be depicting a quick process to configuring the default CMS page in your Magento 2 store. The default page of your eCommerce store is the one, which appears when a user clicks on the base URL of your website.

Your home page is usually the default page and the default page is shown whenever there’s a “Page Not Found” error.

Let’s have a look at the overall procedure for configuring the default page without any hassle.

  • Initially, you need to go to the Admin Panel and click on Stores. Select Configuration from the Settings section.
  • Now you need to select Web from General, which is available in the left panel.
  • Go to the Default Pages section and proceed with the following:
  • Enter other values as required in the Default Web URL field.
  • Now in the CMS Home Page field, choose the page that you wish to make your home page. Select the Home Page.
  • Now, in the Default No-Route URL field, the value is “cms/noroute/index”. You need to enter the value as per your choice.
  • Once done, you must select the 404 Page Not Found value to show the CMS page whenever the error 404 appears.
  • Select Enable Cookies value from the CMS No Cookies Page whenever cookies are disabled in the web browser.
  • Now in the Show Breadcrumbs for CMS Pages field, you have to set Yes if you wish to show a breadcrumb trail on the top of every CMS page.
  • Once you are done with the aforementioned procedure, click Save Config.

This procedure is quick and hardly requires professional help. But if you think you are not able to configure your default page in your Magento 2 eCommerce store, it is strongly recommended to seek professional help from a Magento Developer to avoid any glitch.


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