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Magento Community vs. The Enterprise Version: Which One Do You Prefer?

magento development agency.As a business owner, there is every reason that you should possess a good e-commerce website. And hands down, magento is way ahead in the race when you need to find the most efficient e-commerce development platform.

Is it the end of your troubles when you choose an efficient magento website developer for your service?

No! Now you need to choose from the two prominent versions of magento platforms, which are :

  • Magento Community Version
  • Magento Enterprise Version

Do you have any idea of these? Or, of which one tends to be better in its inculcation? The truth is, both the versions are better in their own point of usage and the effectiveness of each of these relies greatly on the requirements of a person.

But if you still experience troubles, here is a comparison between both the editions for you to choose the best one for your needs :

The Community Edition:

Community edition of magento is available for free and could be developed as an open source software. This indicates that it is easily downloadable without any charges. And additionally, the users could make changes all according to their requirements.

The Enterprise Edition:

This is the more advanced edition of magento and comes with a lot of efficient features such as product improvements etc. Moreover, the enterprise edition also comes up with various security updates for a safer experience on your e-commerce store.

Points of Comparison:

  • Charges: The community edition is available free of cost and this is the best advantage of the version. In addition, it’s easy for anyone to change anything on the software, in order to fulfill system requirements. In contrast, the enterprise edition is available on charges and this comes with the most advanced features. Getting a paid version is not an expense, but an investment that is sure to offer returns.
  • Functionality: No doubt the free edition comes with almost a similar functionality as the paid one, but the latter has more advanced features to offer. Get ready to experience lesser advertising price, permission for promotion, enhanced content management system and highly efficient catalog management system etc. when you get the enterprise edition.
  • Performance: Talking specifically about e-commerce platforms, magento community edition is way faster than any other software obtained from the market. The features in it live up to the expectations of the basic requirements of a business. However, with the paid version, get ready to experience an even better performance from the paid version.
  • Support and Service: For magento enterprise edition, you would get immaculate user-support services 24*7. However, the users of the community edition could only get support via support forum.

With the above points of difference, you could yourself assess the kind of version which suits your needs. Look for what you require in the site and thus you could contact the magento web designers to inform your requirements and get what is best for you and your business too.

Magento Website Development

6 Tips To Keep Your Magento E-Commerce Store’s Security Tight

Getting a magento e-comerce store is easy these days. You have lots of proficient magento web developers that are well-versed and could provide the best of your needs.

And while you operate an e-commerce store on magento, you could definitely possess a whopping amount of data, some, which could be extremely critical to lose. This includes details of the customers and your own personal data too.

Lord forbids! Any breach in the security of your store could be a catastrophic incident, for you and for your customers too. This is why, the need of the hour is to keep your store’s security utmost tight and take measures to prevent the attack of hackers etc.

Here are a few helpful tips which you could inculcate to keep your magento e-commerce store safe from attacks :

(1) Keep The Magento Updated: Newer versions of magento are released every now and then, and you need to keep track of these. The latest versions are equipped with features that help you pursue the finest security practices, get important upgrades and fix the bugs.

(2) Be Password-Careful: If you use simple passwords, you are yourself putting your store up front to the vulnerabilities. Therefore, for an extra security with the passwords, you could follow the following rules:

  • Make use of random passwords
  • Make use of password generators to get complex and hard passwords
  • Keep changing your passwords with time
  • Keep separate passwords for distinct login sites
  • Keep track of the complexity requirements

(3) Disallow Access Of Unwanted Countries: If you operate your store in more than one country, prevent international hackers by blocking the unwanted countries from their specific IP address. For instance, if you do not ship products outside Canada, block all the other countries to prevent malicious attacks.

(4) Use Reliable Third-Party Extensions: Your magento e-commerce store is never complete without some essential extensions. The least you could do is getting some well-tested and reliable third-party extensions for payment and shipping etc. elements, so that you could stay away from any security breaches.

(5) Be Regular In Getting The Backup Of Your E-Commerce Store: While you manage your magento e-commerce store, you could expect any sort of mishap (system failures, natural disaster, staff mistake or system breach etc.) in the long run. While this indeed is unavoidable, you could take precautionary measures of getting regular backups of your data to prevent losses.

(7) Use Dedicated Servers: Running your magento store on a shared server (which is a cost-effective method) will not only affect the load speed, but also turns it vulnerable for online security breaches. As a precaution, consult expert magento web designers and host your website on dedicated servers.

Getting good traffic and sales is necessary for an e-commerce store. However, equally necessary is its security, so that you do not lose the imperative data of your site and lead yourself to many uninvited and undesired troubles for your store.

Magento Website Development

How Magneto Helps You To Attain Better Sales And Conversions

magento development agency.Nowadays, the people are inclined more towards shopping online, rather than hopping to see multitude of stores. In such a scenario, if you own a business, having an e-commerce website is a must.

And as the technology took charge, creation and running of online e-commerce stores is much easier and affordable. For a fully functional, responsive and flexible e-commerce website, people prefer to get it developed on Magento, with the help of an efficient magento development agency.

This world-acclaimed platform for online businesses is surely turning a sensation since people are generating huge leads, conversions and thereby the sales.

Benefits of Magento in Sales:

Magento has highly benefitted the users due to its extra efficient features such as:

Responsive Website Designs:

You would be well acquainted of the fact that there are lots of devices from which the users could access a website. Maintaining distinct websites for each device could be a daunting task.

You could trust the magento web designs to be responsive enough to perform equally well on each and every device.

Flawless Experience In Shopping:

magento development agency.You could lose your customers when they find the shopping or check-out process too complicated to perform. In fact, no store would like to see the shopping carts full of items, left abandoned due to some extra effort in checkout. Magento simplifies the process.

You could get one-step check-out extensions which make it highly easy for the customers, so that they never leave their cart-items due to extra hindrances.

Geo-Targeting And Behavioral Targeting:

Magento supports geo-targeting, with which, you could reach out to the customers of a particular region by the language they prefer. It identifies the geographical location of the customer and leads the user to the website in the language they desire.

Additionally, behavior targeting is yet another process which could turn to be highly profitable for a business. In this, you could offer your products to a customer depending upon his/her shopping history, website interests, locations or search history etc.

Shopping Follow-Up Extensions:

With the implementation of magento, you could acquire the customer follow-up extension that detects the left carts on your store and immediately send emails to the customers. With this, you could also get the benefits such as:

  • Auto-response emails, where the customers could retrieve the shopping carts in just a click
  • Tracking and sending follow-up emails to the customers that leave their shopping carts
  • Provide customer insights to the store owners on how to make the experiences better

Search Engine Optimization:

Magento offer the advantages of innumerable free and paid Search Engine Optimization extensions that greatly enhance the e-commerce optimization efforts for a higher rank of your store.

Thus, magento is a wonderful platform to create highly responsive, flexible, sales-oriented, functional and beautiful websites for your needs. You could always consult the most proficient magento development agency to get the most helpful magento web designs.

Choose the perfection, so that you encounter significantly fruitful results in terms of a highly preferred e-commerce store.

Magento Website Development

Tips To Choose The Most Efficient Theme For Your E-Commerce Store

If you have just decided to get an e-commerce store on magento, congrats! You are up to a process that definitely spells a lot of your success in the near future. Getting a good magento website designed is a lot easier these days, as this prominent platform has a huge community for support.

However, one of areas where business-owners get stuck is while choosing a theme for their website.

As a similar person, all you demand is a beautiful magento website that is responsive and flexible enough to function as per you desire. Due to this, you must bear in mind some considerations, which help you to choose a particular magento theme for your requirements.

Given below are some helpful tips that could help you in the process:

Look For The Theme That Appears Pleasant:

The first impression of your site is delivered by the appearance it possesses and if you choose a theme that offers healthy appearance to your site, you could expect to lure the customers with it.

And many would say that the functionality of the theme matters a lot. Yes! This is true ‘too’. But how long do you stay at a site that is not visually pleasant?

Do Not Run After A Particular Theme:

The point is, do not get too attached to a theme that is not meant for you. Access your magento edition (whether community, enterprise or professional) and the specific version.

You could surely get assistance from magento website developers that help to customize the themes and make it workable for your version, but be prepared to spend a considerable amount on this.

Get A Shopper-Friendly Theme:

It’s good that your website possesses a worthy appearance. The next very important thing is to choose a theme that is utmost friendly for the users.

For instance, a sticky shopping cart, a back-to-top button, a worthy navigation system etc. are some of the essentialities that makes it easy for the customers. Choose a magento theme that entails all these minute details and never poses any hindrances in customer’s shopping experiences.

Read Reviews For The Theme:

Probably the theme that you choose has also been chosen before and users always offer their feedbacks on it.

Look for these and find the bugs that they encountered. Has the theme-author been active to offer replies on a particular query? Or, has it been updated since the last user encountered bugs in its operation? Get answers to all these, so that you never face similar troubles as others did.

Look For Its Browser Compatibility:

Check and test the particular magento theme for its browser compatibility before picking it up. You may not likely encounter trouble with the most prominent themes, but it is better to be safe than being sorry.

Get An SEO-Friendly Theme:

The core of magento is SEO-friendly- accepted. However, the magento theme too should pursue the standard coding to appear worthy in search engine rankings.

In short, your chosen magento website design theme should be clean and SEO friendly, so that you could get the pair of efficiency and marketing edge in a single cost.

Additionally, get consultation from the magento website developers before you pick a theme. Again, you need to be safe beforehand, with all the considerations, so that you do not feel sorry for your choice in future.

Magento Website Development

When Connecting Your Magento Stores With Some Third Party Systems

magento website designersWith leaps and bounds in its emergence, Magento is a world-class platform for an e-commerce site, which has left no stone unturned to come up with the latest features, community-bases and updates. No wonder, the most celebrated organizations are up, using it prolifically.

But as of necessities, Magento is not said to be a complete system and it generally requires other subsystems for tasks that it is not programmed for. For instance, if you run an e-commerce store on Magento, you would almost mandatorily need some third-party plug-ins or connectors such as:

  • Accounting systems such as QuickBooks
  • Point of Sale (POS) system such as Lightspeed Retail
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system such as MS Dynamics NAV
  • Shipping systems
  • Tax Management System etc.

And for all these to be integrated well, you need the assistance of expert magento website designers to serve the purpose.

However, do you ever consider that just the connection of these third-party systems on your magento store is not enough? In fact, important is the smooth running of these systems, with a proper flow of information, so that no junk data is created which requires manual correction.

For this, here are a few key elements which you should keep track of while connecting the third-party plug-ins with your magento store :

Why The Newer Version Is Highly Preferred

Document Number:

One of the major concerns is to connect Magento with the back-office systems, as both these- Magento and the Back Office Systems, possess their own document number. These include legal documents such as Invoice, sales order, shipment and Credit Memo etc.

As an alternative, you could choose an option from the following :

  • Use magento’s document number and this is to be maintained in back office systems as well
  • Use back office system document number and in this you need to hide magento’s document number

Document Type:

This too is a major concern and is related to many factors. Magento entails document types such as Credit Memo, Invoice, Sales Order and Shipment etc, but the third party systems may have other documents such as Sales Order, Reserve Invoice, Delivery and Down payment invoice etc.

For efficient performance, you need to look at the type of documents and follow best practices to ensure integrity.

Online Payment:

For online payment, it is essential to offer multiple alternatives. Some of the best practices involved in this are as follows :

  • Make use of payment gateways for magneto, in order to execute pre-authorization of credit cards.
  • Keep track of credit card info in magento and transfer the information to the back office system

Shipment Formalities:

Magento makes use of single entity for shipping cost and shipping type. In comparison, the back office systems may also use a duo of entities, including freight charges and shipment methods.

While integrating the third-party system, you need to keep track of these minute details for no discrepancies in the shipment methods.

Magento development and integration of the third-party system requires some essential considerations as aforementioned. Ensure to keep track of all the details, so that you magento store runs utmost smooth, even when there are a number of plug-ins integrated to it.

Magento Website Development

Magento 1 vs. Magento 2: Why The Newer Version Is Highly Preferred

 magento web designers and developersWhether the top e-commerce stores in the world or the startups- all these are wildly using magento and are receiving huge paybacks too. No doubt, being such a huge community worldwide, you could find the most efficient magento web designers and developers readily.

Of late, one of the common hubbubs is about the newest version of magento i.e. magento 2 and this is considered highly superior over the earlier version of Magento (i.e. magento 1).

Major Reasons To Get Upgraded To Magento 2:

Are you still using the older Magento version for your e-commerce store? Well, it’s time now to get upgraded and get yourself Magento 2 for benefits such as :

Improvement In Performance:

Magento 2 has come up with high standards in its performances and has seen some major improvements due to the following factors :

  • It supports the latest versions of PHP, including PHP 7. These versions encompass security fixes and boost in the web store’s speed.
  • The capability to use varnish caching on the server’s side, so that the owners do not require the installation of a third-party module for it
  • Ability to optimize the images directly on server, using the built-in tools, which was done manually in magento 1

Improvement In Admin Panel:

Magento 2 is highly user friendly and its admin panel too has experienced mighty improvements due to the following :

  • Recent navigation interface for the admin panel. You could navigate to all parts of admin panel easily and also find information efficiently.
  • You could monitor the current scenario of your business, as ‘magento 2’ dashboard illustrates Sales, Last and top search and average order etc.
  • You could now also upload the new products a lot easier due to the bit-by-bit product creation tool. You could even link videos to the products.
  • A boost to the product data import
  • You could fill all the info of your company and store it in the newer, highly improved content section

Frontend Improvement:

Magento 2 has some exceptional improvements in frontend support too, due to the following :

  • The frontend themes appear much better than the older version
  • Magento 2 web designs are highly responsive. You could access the stores through any mobile device or desktop.
  • Faster performance at frontend and visitors need not wait for a full-page-load to view the primary content

 Security And SEO Improvements:

Magento 2 has improved passwords and it is now more resistant to dictionary type attacks. Due to this, there is an improvement in security too.

Also, the rich, new snippets on catalog pages offer improved search results in the search engines to allow an improved SEO performance.

Additionally, Magento 2 has a bright and promising future, which clearly establishes its supremacy over its older version. If you haven’t updated it till now, plan to do it soon with the help of an efficient magento website developer, so as to realize better benefits.


5 Beautiful Top Selling Magento Themes

When building out your eCommerce store it’s common to be perplexed as to what design you should choose for your store. Not every business has the budget for a custom built and branded layout. If that is not within your budget you can start your store off with a pre-built template. We don’t offer pre-built templates ourselves as we build out custom templates but we have compiled a good list here of the 5 top Magento themes for 5 industries that we think would convert very well. For a larger company with an existing brand these pre-built templates might not work as well as a custom built theme that better matches you existing brand. For a new company or one where the branding is not as well established these pre-built templates work well.

Fashion Products Store

Here is a good template for a fashion products store. This template has a nice clean layout with a nice flat design. Everything is large, easy to click on and of course responsive.


Get Template >>>



Outdoor Sports Gear Store

This is a good template for an outdoor sports gear store. We like how the background makes the website wrapper pop a bit and the colors used in the logo are spot on for this website. We can design a new logo for you with this color pallet and change out the background to something you like.



Get Template >>>


Restaurant Website

This is a nice clean layout for a restaurant website. Building out your restaurant website on Magento will allow you to add your menu in and make it so your customers can order for delivery on your website.



Get Template >>>


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