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Adding a New CMS Page in Magento 2- A Quick Guide

Magento 2 is the most admired and preferred eCommerce platform as it offers seamless functionality along with an easy-to-alter interface. Many businesses are leveraging the true potential of Magento 2 and scaling their business growth in the ever-expanding digital world.

Talking about the addition of a new CMS page in Magento 2, one can create a new page from the backend by using text, image blocks, and variables. You can always add a new page in the CMS without the need of relying on a professional Magento Developer.

Let’s have a quick look at the overall step-by-step procedure to add a new CMS page in your Magento 2 store.

Step 1: Adding a New Page

  • Go to Admin Panel and click on Content> Elements> Pages
  • Now click on Add New Page
  • Now you need to go to the Page Information Section and:
  • Fill out the necessary details including Page Title along with Meta Data, which is displayed in the title bar & the browser’s tab/
  • Now you need to fill in the URL key for the page, which is added to the base URL. This is for the new online address of your webpage.
  • Now you need to make sure that you’re inserting lowercase characters along with hyphens without any space.
  • Choose the Store View from the Store View list, the place where the page is displayed.
  • Now you need to set Disable if you’re not ready to go live. Enable it once you’re ready to go live.
  • Click Save and Continue Edit.

Step 2: Choosing the Page Layout

  • Click on the Design tab on the Left Panel.
  • Now, in the Layer field, you need to choose one of the available options: 1 Column, 2 Columns with Left Bar, 2 Columns with Right Bar, or 3 Columns.
  • Customize the overall page design by scrolling down. You can change the theme, style, or layout, and even style from the Custom Design Section.

Step 3: Entering the Content

  • Tap on the Content Tab on the left panel.
  • Now, in the Content Heading Field, you need to enter the main heading. Enter the heading at the top of the page.
  • Once done, click on the Show/Hide Editor button for editing the text by utilizing the WYSIWYG editor.

Step 4: Filling the Meta Data

  • Click on Meta Data on the left panel.
  • Now you must enter the keywords along with a description for the CMS page, which is required for SEO purposes.
  • Click on Save & Continue Edit.

Step 5: Previewing

ü  You can check the entire settings and ensure everything is going as expected by clicking on the Preview link, which is available in the upper right corner.

Step 6: Generating the Page

  • Get back to the Page Information and set the Status to Enabled.
  • Now click on Save Page.

Your new page can be included by following the aforementioned procedure.

Assigning a Home Page in Magento 2

You can always assign any page as your home page through this simple procedure:

  • Follow the entire steps for creating a new page.
  • Now, on the Admin Panel, go to Stores>Settings>Configuration.
  • Select Web on the left panel under the General option.
  • Now open the Default Pages section where you need to Set CMS Page as Home Page in the CMS Page field.
  • Now Save Config for activating the settings.
  • Now just click on the Cache Management link available in the system message that will flush your cache.

ü    You can always hire a professional Magento Developer if you are facing any issues in the above-mentioned procedure.

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