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A Quick Guide to add a New CMS Page in Magento 2

When we talk about the finest eCommerce platform that offers seamless user experience, Magento 2 is undeniably the preferred choice.

The long list of features coupled with ease-of-access makes Magento 2 the most reliable & user-friendly eCommerce platform.

If you’re the one that’s having the responsibility of updating your Magento 2 eCommerce store, you’d be aware of certain tasks that might sometimes take a lot of time & effort.

One such task is to add a new CMS page in Magento 2. You can quickly add the page by following a simple procedure where the new page is created by text, blocks, images, and variables from the backend.

Here we’re offering a quick step-by-step procedure to add a new CMS page to your website. This will not only improve your conversion rate but eventually enhance user experience while users are browsing through the products.

Step 1: Adding a New Page

  • Go to the Admin Panel and click- Content > Elements > Pages.
  • Now you need to click on- Add New Page.

Here you’ll find the Page Information section where you need to follow this procedure:

  • Ensure to fill the Page Title, along with the Meta data, which is available in the title bar.
  • Now you need to fill a URL Key for the page that is added to the base URL for the new address of the web page.
  • Make sure to insert lowercase characters along with hyphens without spaces.
  • Now, in the Store View list, you need to choose the store view on which the page is displayed.
  • Once done, you need to set Disable if it isn’t ready for going live. Make sure to enable the page status to ensure it’s available.
  • Now click on Save and Continue Edit.

Step 2: Choosing the Page Layout

Now you need to proceed with choosing the page layout:

  • Click on the left panel displaying – Design
  • Now, in the Layout field, you need to pick one of the options from the dropdown list-1 column, 2 columns with left bar, 2 columns with right bar, 3 columns
  • Once done, you need to scroll down to customize the page design.
  • There’s an option to change the theme, layout as well as style on the Custom Design section.

Step 3: Entering the Content

  • Tap the Content tab available on the left panel.
  • Now you need to enter the main heading at the top of the page in the Content Heading
  • Once done, you need to click on the Show/Hide Editor button to edit the text with the editor.

Step 4: Filling the Meta Data

  • Click on the Meta Data tab available on the left panel.
  • Provide the Keywords & Description for the CMS page, which is essential for SEO.
  • Click on Save and Continue Edit.

Step 5: Previewing the Page

Once the above-mentioned steps have been executed, it’s time to preview the changes. You must click on Preview available on the upper-right corner of the page.

Step 6: Generating the Page

  • Now you need to return to Page Information & set Status to Enabled.
  • Click on Save Page.

This was all about adding a new CMS page in your Magento store. If you need some assistance, then you can contact some skilled Magento Developer.

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