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6 Tips To Keep Your Magento E-Commerce Store’s Security Tight

Getting a magento e-comerce store is easy these days. You have lots of proficient magento web developers that are well-versed and could provide the best of your needs.

And while you operate an e-commerce store on magento, you could definitely possess a whopping amount of data, some, which could be extremely critical to lose. This includes details of the customers and your own personal data too.

Lord forbids! Any breach in the security of your store could be a catastrophic incident, for you and for your customers too. This is why, the need of the hour is to keep your store’s security utmost tight and take measures to prevent the attack of hackers etc.

Here are a few helpful tips which you could inculcate to keep your magento e-commerce store safe from attacks :

(1) Keep The Magento Updated: Newer versions of magento are released every now and then, and you need to keep track of these. The latest versions are equipped with features that help you pursue the finest security practices, get important upgrades and fix the bugs.

(2) Be Password-Careful: If you use simple passwords, you are yourself putting your store up front to the vulnerabilities. Therefore, for an extra security with the passwords, you could follow the following rules:

  • Make use of random passwords
  • Make use of password generators to get complex and hard passwords
  • Keep changing your passwords with time
  • Keep separate passwords for distinct login sites
  • Keep track of the complexity requirements

(3) Disallow Access Of Unwanted Countries: If you operate your store in more than one country, prevent international hackers by blocking the unwanted countries from their specific IP address. For instance, if you do not ship products outside Canada, block all the other countries to prevent malicious attacks.

(4) Use Reliable Third-Party Extensions: Your magento e-commerce store is never complete without some essential extensions. The least you could do is getting some well-tested and reliable third-party extensions for payment and shipping etc. elements, so that you could stay away from any security breaches.

(5) Be Regular In Getting The Backup Of Your E-Commerce Store: While you manage your magento e-commerce store, you could expect any sort of mishap (system failures, natural disaster, staff mistake or system breach etc.) in the long run. While this indeed is unavoidable, you could take precautionary measures of getting regular backups of your data to prevent losses.

(7) Use Dedicated Servers: Running your magento store on a shared server (which is a cost-effective method) will not only affect the load speed, but also turns it vulnerable for online security breaches. As a precaution, consult expert magento web designers and host your website on dedicated servers.

Getting good traffic and sales is necessary for an e-commerce store. However, equally necessary is its security, so that you do not lose the imperative data of your site and lead yourself to many uninvited and undesired troubles for your store.

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