Magento Support Services

We are Magento support providers offering full service ecommerce support. Our team of developers have supported Magento since its release from M1 to M2. Magento offers full ecommerce capabilities giving you full control over your online store with inventory management, sales reporting, full ability for API connections in to all of your systems.

Contact us about your store to ensure you have the full support team you need to move your business in the right direction.

Magento Support

Flexible Magento Support Plans for 24/7 Reliability

Since 2008 Towering Media has been here to provide Magento maintenance services. Choose hourly or consider a support package of hours to be used over each quarter. We review your store providing ideas on how to improve the store whether speed, performance, bugs new features, sales opportunities, or design improvements.

Our Magento development solutions make it easy to acquire new customers and maximize sales. You set the goals; we will help you achieve them.

Magento Support 24/7 Reliability

Realtime Down Detector Monitoring Service for Magento

Working with services such as Uptime Robot alerts enable quick response and resolution, minimizing potential sales losses and damage to brand reputation. Rest assured with these tools we are monitoring the business even when you’re out of the office. As soon as we are alerted of the situation we will immediately fast track a solution.

Off-Site Backups

Optionally we retain an offsite backup on our office NAS drive once per quarter. We think its very important to keep an older backup for that edge case scenario that never happens, but it is good piece of mind and well worth a small cost to retain these redundant backups. We offer this on all our hosting service packages.

Magento Security - The Largest Maintenance Factor

Store owners and managers understand the importance of security in these challenging times. Adobe releases patches for Adobe Commerce (Maagento) to be immediately installed once a security vulnerability is found. Generally they have been releasing more patches then forcing full Magneto updates these days, that said as soon as a full release has been put out we keep our clients up to date. Our cost effective magento support ensures you have a secure and updated magento store with little to no down time. See here for the Magento Release Schedule.

eCommerce with Hyvä-Optimized Magento Support

Discover the future of Magento support with Towering Media's specialized Hyvä solutions. Our dedicated team excels in providing Magento support that harnesses the power of the Hyvä theme framework, ensuring your Magento platform is not only responsive and swift but also tailor-made to meet the unique demands of your business. By integrating Hyvä's streamlined design into our Magento support services, we help reduce load times, enhance user experience, and boost site performance. Opt for Towering Media’s Magento support today to transform your eCommerce site with Hyvä’s cutting-edge capabilities, making your online presence as dynamic and efficient as possible.

Magento Excels as the most flexible and customizable solution

It is an open-source platform, meaning developers have the ability to modify code to suit precise business needs. Magento supports extensive customization options, from the user interface to deep functional changes in the core. This is particularly beneficial for complex businesses that require unique features or specific integrations.

Magento Adobe Commerce vs Shopify

Shopify, while popular for its user-friendliness and quick setup, operates as a closed platform, limiting users to the predefined customization options unless they opt for higher-cost premium plans. The use of its proprietary Liquid templating language further restricts developers from making deep customizations that are often necessary for unique business needs or complex integrations. In contrast, Magento Adobe Commerce offers an open-source environment, allowing complete access to modify and extend the core functionalities to precisely tailor the platform to any specific requirements or innovative e-commerce strategies.

Magento Adobe Commerce vs BigCommerce

Magento Adobe Commerce offers significantly greater customization capabilities compared to BigCommerce. BigCommerce provides a hosted solution like Shopify, it still falls short of Magento's capacity for deep customization. Although merchants using BigCommerce can implement certain modifications and integrations but you are unable to achieve the extensive control over core functionalities such as customizing the checkout process or integrating deeply with third party systems like you can with Magento.

Magento Adobe Commerce vs WooCommerce

Magento Adobe Commerce provides a standalone e-commerce platform that offers extensive customizability and control, surpassing the capabilities of WooCommerce. Although WooCommerce, as a WordPress plugin, allows significant customization and flexibility, its reliance on the WordPress ecosystem may limit its suitability for large-scale or independent e-commerce operations. In contrast, Magento operates independently of any CMS, offering a more robust and scalable solution for businesses

Magento offers unparalleled control and ownership over the e-commerce environment, making it ideal for businesses that need flexibility and scalability, or have specific requirements that cannot be met by a hosted platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Magento developer do?

A Magento developer focuses on building, supporting, and improving our Magento websites. We customize templates, develop and integrate modules, optimize performance, and ensure security compliance. Additionally, we provide technical support and updates to meet business requirements and improve user experience on our Magento-based e-commerce platforms. Our role is crucial for businesses aiming to tailor their online shops to specific needs or to enhance functionality and user engagement on their e-commerce sites.

What is Magento web development?

Magento web development involves creating and managing online stores using the Magento platform, which is highly customizable and scalable. It includes designing the site's layout, integrating payment systems, ensuring security measures, and adding functionalities through extensions. This type of development is favored by businesses of various sizes for its robust features and flexibility, which allows developers to tailor e-commerce solutions to specific business needs. Magento developers work on enhancing user experience, increasing site performance, and ensuring smooth operational functionality in e-commerce setups.

What is the future of Magento?

The future of Magento development is closely tied to technologies like Hyvä, which focuses on improving front-end performance by simplifying the tech stack and reducing reliance on heavy JavaScript frameworks. This approach significantly enhances site speed, critical for passing Google's PageSpeed Insights and achieving better rankings on Google SERPs. As more Magento sites adopt Hyvä and prioritize fast loading speeds, it's likely that Magento will continue to be a robust platform for creating efficient and highly optimized e-commerce sites, catering to both user experience and SEO needs.