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Why Choose Towering Media as your Magento Developer

At Towering Media, we specialize in Magento 2 development services, offering a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget. Our experienced team can build any custom feature you require, ensuring your eCommerce store stands out and operates seamlessly. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times, guaranteeing that your project is completed efficiently without compromising on quality. Our commitment to excellent customer service means we are always responsive by phone and email, ready to assist you promptly. With trained and certified Magento developers, you can trust us to deliver secure, reliable, and top-notch eCommerce solutions. Choose Towering Media for unparalleled expertise and dedication to your success. We will be happy to support your business as your trusted ecommerce developers

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Magento 1 and Magento 2

Are you looking for a Magento developer, our agency has been developing online e-commerce stores with open source software since 2008 and currently support the #1 e-commerce platform today, Magento 2.

We work with our clients and consult with you to determine what your real needs are and deliver you a website that is built with Branding, Marketing and SEO in mind. Whether you need help modifying an existing store or need a new e-commerce site built were here to help make the process as simple, efficient and cost effective as possible. We are your ecommerce developers.

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Magento Developers

Magento Design Services

Our Magento designs are not only aimed at delivering modern online stores crafted with the latest standards in UI/UX for all devices. We also can seamlessly integrate WordPress content to enrich your ecommerce platform. This allows for an enriched content strategy, leveraging the best of both worlds - Magento's robust ecommerce capabilities and WordPress's superior content management system.

Magento Developers

Magento Migrations

Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2? Looking to move to Magento from your current platform? Magento 2 offers a host of advanced features including improved performance, the latest in security, a more user-friendly admin interface, and better mobile responsiveness. Contact us today to chat about a site upgrade or migration to Magento 2

Magento Programmers

Customization and Flexibility Over Shopify

Towering Media leverages Magento 2's (Adobe Commerce) unmatched flexibility, offering customizations beyond Shopify's limitations. Our expertise allows for unique site features and integrations, tailored to your brand's needs. With Magento 2, we turn your vision into a competitive digital storefront, where possibilities extend as far as your imagination.

Magento Development

Magento 2 Adobe Commerce Performance Optimization

As Magento developers we specialize in optimizing Magento stores to achieve unparalleled site performance, pushing the boundaries to reach near 100% PageSpeed scores. Our strategic approach includes advanced caching techniques, image optimization, and streamlined code for lightning speed loading. Partner with us to transform your Magento store into a high-speed e-commerce powerhouse.

Magento Consultants

Hyvä Template on Magento 2 - The Path Forward

The Hyvä Base Template revolutionizes Magento 2 e-commerce sites with its minimalist approach, significantly boosting performance and simplifying development. By cutting down on heavy JavaScript and CSS, it accelerates page loads and enhances user experience, while making customization easier for developers. This theme offers an optimized, mobile-first design and ensures a competitive edge in the e-commerce space.

Magento Support

Magento Support and Development

As your Magento developer we support our clients needs for ongoing support for their online e-commerce stores. With our hosting tools we ensure your website is backed up on a daily basis so if anything happens you can revert to the latest backup. Our Magento experts are well versed in Magento along with a number of other eCommerce platforms and can fix issues that arise very quickly.

Magento Hosting

Secure and Fast Magento Hosting Servers

Host your Magento 2 store with Towering Media's secure and cost-effective hosting solutions. Designed for seamless performance, our servers ensure your site operates flawlessly, backed by robust security to protect your data. Enjoy premium hosting within your budget and responsive support from our dedicated team, all aimed at bolstering your e-commerce success.

Magento Migrations

Seamless API and ERP Integrations

Our expertise in integrating robust connections between Magento 2 and a variety of ERP systems ensures that your e-commerce platform is perfectly aligned with your inventory, accounting, and customer management systems. We strive for error-free operational frameworks that support real-time data exchange, driving productivity and enabling you to focus on scaling your business.

Seo Services

Marketing SEO Services

Towering Media is here to help your business grow and are trained and experienced with all major online forms of marketing. We help your business develop the online marketing plans and goals that you need for your online business success.

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"We have been partnered with Towering Media for over 14 years now and have been very blessed with the results they have produced for us. We particularly appreciate the one on one contact and guidance they have provided us. Towering Media has been refreshing and get things done for us in a very challenging and fast changing ecommerce environment."

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"Towering Media helped get one of our company websites back up and running in a quick turnaround after issues with another company. We then hired them to build out a website for a different company and they knocked it out of the park.""

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"Towering media has been an incredible partner for our website ever since we made move to the Magento Platform. Their services and support has always been delivered timely and in a professional manner. They have no doubt been a key to my business success"

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Recent Events at Towering Media

This year, our dedicated Magento developers & development team had the remarkable opportunity to attend the Meet Magento NYC. This esteemed event stands out as a beacon of knowledge sharing and growth in the world of ecommerce. The sessions, curated by an independent committee, focused on offering comprehensive learning avenues on both business and technical fronts, ensuring only the most relevant and insightful topics made the cut. What truly set this event apart was its commitment to genuine knowledge dissemination. We're invigorated by the wealth of insights and inspiration we've garnered from some of the brightest minds in ecommerce and are eager to implement and share what we've learned with our valued clients and the broader Magento community. Join us in our ongoing journey to elevate the ecommerce experience with Magento (Adobe Commerce)!